Saturday, August 1, 2015

Rocky Fire Timelapse

This morning I encountered this amazing timelapse sequence of the Rocky Fire burning east of Clear Lake from last night or the night before that was captured by the amazing local photographer Jeff Frost.

Friday, July 31, 2015

RIP Rowdy Roddy

Today it was announced that Rowdy Roddy Piper of professional wrestling and acting fame (check out his personal website HERE) died last night in his sleep at age 61. The cause of death appears to have been a heart attack. It seems cliche and trite to say he was one of my favorites... but he was. He had higher intelligence and more charisma than most professional wrestlers. He also lived a more wholesome life than many/most of them being a family man his entire life. Below are my favorite examples of his work starting with an infamous episode of his groundbreaking "show" (the one featuring Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka) on the then WWF program. That is followed below it by one of his matches in the ring against the aforementioned Snuka. 

What many people don't realize is that Roddy Toombs (his real name) was under-regarded actor who showed his surprising acting talent in John Carpenter's 1988 sci-fi classic They Live. The movie features the greatest cinematic brawl ever (vs. Keith David) with the closest competition coming from the one at the end of John Wayne's The Quiet Man (vs. Victor McLaglen). Anywho, the They Live brawl is so awesome that South Park spoofed it in the famous "Cripple Fight" episode which part I have placed below the cinematic brawl.

South park cripple fight with "They Live" side by side from JuggleLife on Vimeo.
Video posters commentary: " commentary of the creators commenting on the fight scene.I had noticed that they had made a reference in one of there more recent episodes 18x05 (magic bush) so i thought i would create a side by side of the reference to the movie They live prior to the recent one. i will put together another side by side video for the more recent episode eventually."

As I discussed in a previous post on this blog entitled "OBEY and Read This", They Live inspired political artist Shepard Fairey to come up with his now iconic and ubiquitous Obey Campaign. Rowdy Roddy and Fairey met on a couple of occasions and in tribute to Piper, Fairey Tweeted the image below in accompaniment of his condolences today. This merely serves to reaffirm the connection between the They Live and the Obey Campaign.

Courtesy of Shepard Fairey (all rights reserved).

Two More Jaw-Dropping Rocky Fire Images

Today I found two more rather remarkable images from last night showing the second night of the Rocky Fire currently burning on the east side of Clear Lake in Northern California. I specify the east side currently because there is a real sense this beast may not limit itself to just the east side of the lake. There is scuttlebutt in the firefighting community that it might grow into a 100,000+ acre monster. This fire has possessed an ornery personality from the get-go and has not changed moods since. It has also been one of the most photogenic wildfires in recent memory. California is on the cusp of a major fire siege of the order of magnitude of 2008, except this time the conditions are significantly worse and are so earlier in the year. We could be on the verge of some unprecedented fires both in behavior and in scope and in effects on the land and on society. I hope we as a people are ready for what it feels like is coming. I also hope lone wolf terrorists don't finally figure out that starting wildfires in California is probably the safest form of attack with the greatest return value.

Image by Craig Philpott (all rights reserved).
Image by Jeff Frost (all rights reserved).

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clear Lake Rock Fire At Moonrising Dusk

The following images of the Rock Incident on the east side of Clear Lake in Lake County, CA, were shot by various local photographers (and one photojournalist). I collected them off of Twitter and share them with you here in alphabetical order of photographer name. These images are my favorites of many dozens I viewed. This fire exploded into life this afternoon as two separate fires on that burned together. This fire's initial spread is symptomatic of the drought conditions that exist across the state with burning conditions possibly never before observed of this severity across such a large swath of the state in non-katabatic wind conditions. This fire has been roughly estimated at 3,000 acres but is burning with uncharacteristic vigor since sunset.

Photo by Benjamin Zuffi (all rights reserved).
Photo by Benjamin Zuffi (all rights reserved).
Photo by Chloeluvsclouds (all rights reserved).
Photo by Corrigan Gommenginger (all rights reserved).
Photo by Jen Mullin (all rights reserved).
Photo by Kent Porter of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat (all rights reserved).
Photo by Kent Porter of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat (all rights reserved).
Photo by Kent Porter of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat (all rights reserved).
Photo by Macey Iannone (all rights reserved).
Photo by Niniane K. (all rights reserved).
Photo by Niniane K. (all rights reserved).
Photo by Niniane K. (all rights reserved).
Photo by Patricia Brittan (all rights reserved).
Photo by Tom Sweeney (all rights reserved).

I Never Feel Alone Even With This Song

It has been awhile since I have been able to share a new and worthy trance track let alone one with an awesome accompanying video. The drought is broken by "Never Feel Alone" by Norwegian trance artist Jaco... ENJOY!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Picture of the Day - Rinconada Changes

Today I took a hike on the Santa Lucia District of the Los Padres National Forest on one of my favorite trails, Rinconada Trail. My hiking wing-man had never been on it and I had not been on it since reaching the weight of 280 lbs. Needless to say, it was a first for both of us. After struggling with my first wind I felt great through my second and third winds. Of note on the ascent was the huge die-off of an invasive vine that had thrived in a sheltered drainage in the lee of the mountainside. Also, some other adjacent plants had died along with the vine colony. The cause was obvious: the spring which had supported much growth in that drainage including the vine had dried up since I last hiked this path last spring.
After getting back to the car parked at the trailhead I took my buddy around the mountain a short distance to see what remains of the Rinconada Mine adits and retorts and other mine artifacts. Since last I visited this site graffiti artists had desecrated the already violated site with much more substantial graffiti and target practice refuse.
Both photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)

I Liked One Last Time

I'm not a big fan of the over-commercialized and artistically vapid bubble-gum pop EDM artists and their music in general and more particularly ones who were former Mickey Mouse Club or Nickelodeon stars. Most especially I'm not a big fan of Ariana Grande who it seems always was or has become a wretched, little, snotty, bratty, ingrate who recently got caught claiming she "hates Americans"... she being one herself.  I certainly won't be buying any of her music any time soon if not ever. However, last month during finals week I was in The Avenue on campus at Cal Poly eating lunch and on the large television attached to the interior of the dining hall the following music video played and I was transfixed as I realized what I was seeing thematically. Those of you who know me or have followed this blog know of my interests in disasters and end of the age topics. This track and music video certainly peaked my curiosity and I was startled to see something thus themed at such an unexpected place and time. I made a point of watching to the end to see the name of the song. I was startled to see I had been watching Ariana Grande (pre-anti-American comment scandal) whom I had heard about but was unfamiliar with her work. The criticism stands but the following track is kinda cool even if the song is not exceptional devoid of the context of the video.