Thursday, September 18, 2014

Peléan-esque Eruption Of King Fire

This was the view from Lake Tahoe yesterday evening as the sun set on the King Fire in full Peléan-like eruption as it blew out to the north in a big way in route to growing 50% over the course of the day. Photo by Steve Ellsworth (all rights reserved).

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Two King Fire Blow-up Timelapses

The top sequence below was captured today during the big blow-up of the King Fire in El Dorado County. No information was given on the location of the filming site other than the obvious that it is somewhere west of the fire. I would go so far as to say I believe this is somewhere in the vicinity of Auburn, CA, so perhaps a bit northwest of the fire. The bottom sequence below was also shot today  during the big blow-up of the same fire from the intersection of Highway 50 and Missouri Flat Road just west of Placerville, CA.

A King Of A Fiery Eruption

This is the view of the King Fire spectacularly blowing up seen from nearby downtown Placerville, CA, in the past couple of hours as the fire explodes in response to brisk up-slope winds. Note the pyrocumulus clouds atop the smoke bank. Photo credit unknown at present (all rights reserved).

A Wiseman's View Of A King Of Fire

This is a view from the International Space Station captured by astronaut Reid Wiseman (all rights reserved).

A Doubly Butt-Puckering Situation

I've done this climb before and at the top had my first ever panic attack and made my way down this very route in anxiety attack mode. People have fallen off Half Dome from this ladder so it's nothing to take lightly even on a good day. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it would be to be making this descent while watching a forest fire (Meadow Fire) approach in blow-up mode (on 9/07/14) with helicopter evacuations about to take place up top where one has just left (about 40 hikers were lifted out).

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Kim Scene Captured On Camera

Scenes like this one are what I call "Kim Scenes". Why? Because they feature simultaneous multiple elements of what turns me on down to the roots of who and what I am.  Here we have the ongoing and tragically destructive Courtney Fire burning nocturnally along the shore of Bass Lake, CA. The fire is being reflected dramatically off of the still surface of Bass Lake while smoke rises languidly from the fire and lazily drifts to the left while being illuminated by the fire itself. Meanwhile, a meteroid streaks across the night sky above while the Milky Way galaxy dominates the background beyond wrapped in a heavenly glow of starlight. Photo by Darvin Atkeson (all rights reserved).

Monday, September 15, 2014

King Of A Fire Timelapse

This is an awesome timelapse video sequence taken earlier today showing the big blow-up this afternoon that saw the King Fire (near Pollock Pines in El Dorado Co.) tripled in size in several hours. Note the abundance and prevalence pyrocumulus clouds.