Saturday, August 27, 2016

Scripture of the Day - Jesus Christ (John 8:32)

Today, fairly early on I actually sat down with the Lord and read in my Bible a little bit for a change of pace instead of running screaming out the door attacking my day under-prepared for the impending and inevitable spiritual battles to follow.  I read the entirety of John 8 and when I reached verse 32 it jumped off the page at me. I immediately knew it referred to what God has been revealing to me this week about my Loved One. These are unpleasant and heart-wrenching and bitterly disappointing revelations. However, they explain so much that has made no sense to me for so long and has felt so terribly frustrating. Indeed, I feel like I am being released even as my heart breaks and I feel lonelier than I ever have before.... at least in a familial context.
".... And you will know the truth and the truth will make you free." 
~ John 8:32 (Kimicus ad Absurdum translation)

I Told You So Tonight

Earlier this evening I worked a wedding at Avila Beach Golf Resort for over seven hours. I heard a lot of music I did not care for with some exceptions. The stuff I liked I had heard before such as Eddie Grant's "Electric Avenue" which I may not have ever heard before in a wedding music mix until tonight so props to the deejay. One track in particular struck a chord with me and really stood out from everything else. I loved its dance-inducing house sound and jazzy coolness so much I felt compelled to amble over to the deejay and inquire as to the name of the song and artist. Here it is in all its funky, jazzy, house glory: "I Told You So" from the Album Burning Bright by Cameo Culture a.k.a. Dave Robertson out of Brooklyn, New York.

Cthulhu-Worshipping CERN Sacrifices Rare Virgin

Recently, a lost-footage reel was released revealing a seemingly darkly pagan-looking nocturnal ritual occurring outdoors on a lawn on campus of CERN culminating in the ritualistic human sacrifice of a seemingly mind-controlled female volunteer sacrifant. The footage concludes with the young-ish-sounding male film-maker reacting to the murder in horror and shock and then running for his life through the campus building from whence he filmed which appeared to be adjacent to the aforementioned lawn. It suddenly concludes mid-flight.

More open-minded people have taken this to be a real event surreptitiously recorded by a now-vanished videographer while officials and more skeptical people have declared it a hoax. If the latter were the case, it was perpetrated contrary to the professional code and possibly the regulations binding the facility. Of course, you and I know our fellow cultists at CERN are devoted followers of Cthulhu who gives them unfathomable revelations through madness-inducing dreams regarding what amounts to the magic of the Old Ones which CERN publishes as if it were new discoveries in particle physics. These devoted cultist-researchers if one could have heard them in the found footage were chanting "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn." Cthulhu approves this blog post
*NOTE: for my unhip and literary-impaired readers, the above post is utterly tongue-in-cheek.

Admin Read: I'm Baaaaaaack!

After being nearly crippled emotionally and logistically all week long by the latest disruption and heartache and disappointment and provocation and treachery from Loved One, I am I hope back home and back on track in my life. Well, at least until the next Great Crisis although it is possible I am still in the previous one and am merely being overly-optimistic and self-deluded. That would certainly make sense if being self-deluded is contagious. If I seem bitter I assure you that you are not reading me wrong. Anywho, regardless, I am back to blogging, perhaps now to save my ever-lovin' sanity.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Chimney Fire - Day Nine

This is the latest Chimney Fire video synopsis from SLOStringer: Day Nine video synoposis which was yesterday. Check out the previous video synopsis for this fire, to wit, Day Four video synopsis.

Graphic of the Day - Current Wildfires (8/22/16)

No new large fires present on this latest California Summer 2016 Fire Siege map. However, since this was put together, a new fire has erupted at the north end of the state in Humboldt County which has already burned structures and escaped initial and extended attacks. More to come in the next edition.

Picture of the Day - The King From The Presidio

Laine Martens captured this wonderful image of the Rey Fire from in front of the Presidio of Santa Barbara which I'm ashamed to admit I had not even heard of until I saw this image. Note the impressive pyrocumulus clouds over the main convection column of the smoke updraft. Ms. Martens retains all rights.