Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Monday, March 19, 2018

Graphic of the Day - Incoming Pineapple Express

This is a computer modeling of rainfall totals across California from this week's epic Pineapple Express/Atmospheric River event as of earlier today with expected arrival sometime tomorrow. Image courtesy of John Lindsay (all rights reserved). 

My First Grey Pines Trail Hike

Today I took another vigorous hike on the west side/main section of Santa Margarita Lake Park with my hiking bros. I'm trying to get into a weekly routine of a 2-3 such hikes as I attempt to get back in physical fitness and lose weight. Below are some of the notable things I observed as I hiked the entirety of the Grey Pines Trail from Grey Pines Flat to Vaca Flat and back.

There are an abundance of interesting sedimentary rock formations.

This part of the lake is also where the Salinas River Channel used to run before being dam impounded by the Salinas Reservoir Dam.

The main trail skirting the north shore of the lake is visible across the lake from here.

I christened this the Penis Formation for obvious reasons.

All the rock formations in this area are Miocene sedimentary deposits that have been tectonically lifted at a uniform angle.

On the way back to the car we encountered these vultures sunning themselves on a tree overlook. They seemed utterly unconcerned with our close proximity. All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Monday, February 5, 2018

Alas, My Newest Crush Is Married

Move over, Kate Beckinsale, I have a new crush. Tonight, I watched last year's Wonder Woman movie. By the end of the nearly 2-1/2 hour movie, I was and remain besotted with  Gal Gadot. Quite unfortunately, she's already taken. Otherwise, I'd like totally have a chance with her. Then again, Kate is currently unmarried now so we'll see.

Below is a rather effective final official trailer for this movie which movie I highly recommend to anybody whose not a stick in the mud.

Picture of the Day - My Final #3 Hunt

Today my bother by another mother, Ron, and his son Ethan and I got run out of Secret Field #3 in Templeton, CA. The actual owner of the property or one of them as he framed it, drove up and flagged us down to talk to us. He told us that although we had permission to be there from the lessees of the property, his out-of-town partners didn't like the legal risk of having guests on the property. Ron and I don't believe the latter part of the story and suspect he is the sole owner and wanted us out but felt bad about it so put it off on the fictitious "other" owners. Thanks a lot lawsuit-happy America! Below is my final haul from this short-lived (the last nine months or so we enjoyed it on the whole and I enjoyed part of it off and on for the past dozen years or more) biconoid and petrified whale bone locality. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Berlin Wall Remembrance

The Berlin Wall stood as a symbol of tyranny and oppression and the division between light and darkness, freedom and slavery, for 10,316 days. It has now been, as of today, 10,316 days since it was permanently breached en route to being dismantled. Image courtesy of  Milos Vojinovic‏ @infinite_milos on Twitter (all rights reserved).