Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Picture of the Day - My Bumblebee Jasper

In my previous POST I stated that in my next post I'd show what Diana March original wire-wrap necklace pendant I acquired last weekend at the 2nd Annual Spring Cambria Gem, Mineral, & Jewelry Show and here it is. This is not the best image I can take but I got a wild hair to take this as the sun was setting using the sunlight of that time of day. In fact, this was the last sunlight of Spring 2017 as Summer Solstice 2017 arrived at 9:24 p.m. PDT tonight. This is a gorgeous pendant made of Indonesian bumblebee jasper (which features arsenic-bearing orpiment or realgar depending upon if yellow or red-orange), my very first piece of this material to own and it is not a mineral specimen but rather in a piece of jewelry. This signifies the change in my character and tastes from purely collector of specimens to more and more a wearer of stone jewelry. Diana created this piece to sell at this show and it was the first thing in her booth that jumped out at me and it made the strongest impression of anything she brought and she brought many amazing things. What's next on my list of things I saw in her booth I'd like to later add to my nascent collection of wearable stone can be seen HERE. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Monday, June 19, 2017

Picture of the Day - My Diana March Wish List

For several months now the idea of acquiring a Diana March original piece has grown in my mind as a higher and higher priority in life. She is my favorite wire-wrap jewelry artist and until the past year or so, I have not really been a jewelry-wearing kind of guy. A few years ago I commissioned her to create a custom wire-wrap around a stone I provided which finished product you can  see HERE. However, that is not the same as a Diana March original wherein she selects the stone or fossil or artifact and creates custom jewelry around it with her amazing eye for design and respect for the stone or fossil or artifact. Her motto is "Always honor the stone" which she does with religious conviction and faithfulness.

After missing a few Cayucos/Cambria shows, she and Max were back this past weekend for 2nd Annual Spring Cambria Gem, Mineral, & Jewelry Show. Nobody was happier to see them than me. In my next post HERE I will show you what I acquired today. For now, here in the photos above and below is the short list from which I desire to acquire (God-willing) one such piece (and yes, those are meteorites) when she comes back into town at the end of next October. All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Picture of the Day - Flood Line 1995

Today as I helped one of our dealers load up their vehicles following the end of Day Two of the 2nd Annual Spring Cambria Gem, Mineral, & Jewelry Show, I noticed for the first time this sign on the side of the western exterior wall of the Cambria Vets Hall referring to the historic flooding in Cambria's West Village in March, 1995. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Picture of the Day - Oyster Ridge View

This afternoon into this evening I worked The Big Taste At The Big Event charitable fundraiser hosted by Big Brothers/Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo County. It was a hybrid parking/alcohol control gig and ran 3:30-8:30 p.m. That means my partner and I worked in the heatwave today. Fortunately, the sea breeze arrived fairly early although it was slow in cooling down and was actually a warm wind when we arrived. It was in the upper 90s when we arrived but felt hotter than that in the direct sunlight. I captured this event sans people in the image as it was too hot to sit here and the auction was taking place nearby and everybody was there. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Friday, June 16, 2017

Picture of the Day - Four Degrees of Tobin James

This afternoon into this evening I worked parking at Calcareous Vineyard on Peachy Canyon Road west of Paso Robles, CA. While sitting in a garden chair resting in the shade near the end of my shift near the front of the operation where I commanded a view of any incoming or outgoing autos, I was met by Tobin James as he left the event. We struck up a charming conversation for a few minutes where we discussed how perfect things were in that time and place with the only thing lacking being some nice-looking ladies sitting at the table next to me (and he was sooo right). As a parting comment I jokingly yelled to him as he walked away that I would buy a bottle of TB on the way home. (Degree of Tobin James #1)

 A short time later at Smart & Final in Paso Robles, I actually purchased a bottle of his "Dream Weaver" sparkling wine as well as of his "Chateau Le Cacheflo" (a red wine "Mediterranean Blend") pictured above. (Degree of Tobin James #2)

While in the checkout line loading my groceries onto the checkout conveyor, the bottle of the red wine (pictured above) accidentally slipped out one of the gaps in the child seat of the shopping cart as I had neglected to flip up the plastic guard. The bottle shot to the floor and exploded leaving a gory mess that quickly ran across the floor towards the lowest point (under the Cosmopolitan Magazines), filling the immediate environment with a strong aroma that was "On the nose, fruit forward casis, blackberry, jammy, spices like nutmeg, vanilla, tobacco box and cedar." (Degree of Tobin James #3)

Of course, not willing to accept defeat, I grabbed a replacement bottle of the aforementioned red blend and headed home where I am currently imbibing the blend as I write this. (Degree of Tobin James #4)

Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Picture of the Day - My Most Precious Possession

In the coming days I shall share some of the delights contained within this tome. It cost me $85 and some of my fellow student teachers were not willing to shell out that much coin for it. At times since slapping down the money for it late last year I have wondered if it was an excessive splurge on my part given my student starvation status. However, today, the last day of my student teaching career, I am so incredibly overjoyed I acquired this volume and that I invited all my kids to sign it, of which most did. There are many beautiful, charming, poignant, humorous, encouraging, inspirational, et al, things penned within its precious pages. Some of these things I intend to share within the coming days. Wherever life takes me next and for the duration, one thing will remain unchangeable: I met some amazing young people and they touched my life and from their comments it is clear I touched some of their lives. I am humbled and thankful and blessed beyond measure or words.
Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Picture of the Day - Last Student Teaching Sunset

Tonight was my last night staying late grading papers and inputing grades onto Aeries. This upcoming finals week won't require I do that as I have now done all the remaining heavy work wrapping up grades for the semester apart from the finals they take this week and their history notebooks. I had a ball this year, so much so I feel a bit of melancholy as the end nears and I must leave. It was an amazing experience coming back to my old high school in my mid-40s and student teaching.... the experience far-exceeded my expectations on every level.
Photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).