Sunday, December 4, 2016

Run To Or From Alien: Covenant

Director-Producer Ridley Scott and Twentieth Century Fox recently released this teaser poster of the next movie in the Alien movie franchise, to wit, Alien: Covenant, to be released next May.

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Today it was announced that USC is ranked #9 in the land and will be representing the Pac-12 in the Rose Bowl this coming January 2nd.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Progressive House At Its Best

This is an aurally sumptuous feast of amazing progressive house tracks, as compiled by Collin McLoughlin a.k.a. Mr. Suicide Sheep. Many of these tracks have already been featured on this blog. By all means listen nocturnally (or diurnally as you may prefer) as I am at this very moment in the midnight hour. Be sure to crank up your sound system!

Love Is Not Enough

This is an aurally and emotionally beautiful and heart-wrenching song and the accompanying video is quite effective, too. It captures the sense of devastating loss and emptiness associated with a breakup even when it is engineered amicably. This 2012 Above & Beyond trance track (which features elements of progressive house) is titled "Love Is Not Enough" and features goosebump-inducing vocals by long-time collaborator Zoë Johnston.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Granddaddy of Them All Needs Trojans

I need to get this off my chest. Yes, the USC Trojans should not have lost to the Utah Utes early in the season in the waning minutes of the game. Had they played a complete game that night in Utah, they would have finished the season 8-1 in the Pac-12, 10-2 overall and would own all tiebreakers except with the Stanford Cardinals who do not matter in this year's equation following their fade down the stretch.

The Colorado Buffaloes, who are also in the Pac-12 South, finished 8-1 (10-2 overall with their only conference loss being to USC) in conference ahead of USC's 7-2 record. Had Colorado finished the season tied with USC, the Trojans would have gone to tonight's Pac-12 Championship Game ahead of them due to the tiebreaker. The Pac-12 North is represented by the Washington Huskies who finished 8-1 in conference (11-1 overall with their own loss being to USC at home) and who are ranked #4 in the land.

Tonight, the Washington Huskies played an imperfect game again an inferior opponent in the Colorado Buffaloes and won 41-10 in Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, CA, in the first Pac-12 Championship game not won by the Oregon Ducks or Standford since the games inception several years ago. Few people in college football feel that there are many teams playing better football than USC who down the stretch played up to their talent level and commensurate capabilities, blowing out all opponents over a 7-game winning streak apart from a 26-13 victory over Washington in the Huskies' raucous house that did not feel or look as close a game as the final score indicates.

Watching tonight's game and thinking about how USC is now playing, one is left with but one conclusion: had they been in tonight's game in place of Colorado, Washington would have experienced a nightmare night in Santa Clara, CA. The areas in which Washington looked weak, USC would have exploited even worse and the areas in which Washington looked good tonight were the very areas USC embarrassed them a few weeks ago in the new Husky Stadium.

Given the new college football playoff system and Washington's #4 ranking, if they hold onto that ranking after tonight's game, they go into the new playoff featuring the top four teams in the country. Given Colorado's destruction at the hands of Washington tonight, if the Buffaloes fall out of the #8 spot far enough for #11 USC to rank ahead of them, then the Rose Bowl selection committee could select the Trojans to represent the Pac-12 in that iconic matchup against whomever the Big Ten sends to "The Granddaddy of Them All" on January 2, 2017.

USC ought to play in the Rose Bowl or else something is quite wrong with the current system which already is almost managing to exclude them from any meaningful post-season games aside from perhaps an upper middling bowl game in late December. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Twenty-Eight Years Ago This Afternoon.....

.... I was at pre-game football practice on the game field at Atascadero High School as starting senior center on this date in 1988. This was after school and before the team was to drive down to Orange County to play Trabuco Hills High School in a CIF Southern Section semi-final game. I was interrupted mid-practice by mom showing up to tell me Granpda McGee had just died (at age 84) at his senior convalescent facility on Heather Court in Templeton, CA. I ended practice at that moment and went home with mom. She and my brother and I drove down to southern California and spent the night in a motel. My team spent a boisterous and distracted night in a motel even closer to the school. I participated in the game the next afternoon into evening. We got blown out something like 42-7 much like the Los Angeles Times sports section had predicted.

My head was only partially in the game for obvious reasons. I had just lost the second most significant male in my life following losing my dad three years earlier during my freshman year of high school. By this point I was already circling the drain mental health-wise as I slid further into chronic and crippling anxiety attacks and depression which I worked hard to suppress from those around me and this would only get worse. I'm still trying to rebuild my life to this very day 28 years later. However, rebuilding I am, and God is good to have me still be here and have rebuilt as much as I have with so much still to go.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mind of the Wonderful

Another trance CD I have unearthed from my music archive is Blank & Jones' 2004 album Monument which features three gems, the best of which is "Mind of the Wonderful" with vocals by Elles de Graaf. This wall of sound track sounds great and successfully builds the tension longer than most.