Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Kind Of February

The cold weather back east seems to get all the attention out west it's been quite the opposite and there is a correlation.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I Must Join The Zombie Squad

This week I discovered a movie that I immediately fell in love with for many reasons. It is called Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead and in it the above organization defeats the below organization 65 years after the latter officially disbanded. This was possible due to a supernatural curse, of course. Anywho, go find it on Netflix and enjoy its cleverness and visual appeal. Watch trailer HERE. Also, be prepared to have your cultural sensitivities be offended. Note: this is a sequel to Dead Snow which I have yet to see but now must see. Also, the Zombie Squad does actually exist and predates these movies which use its name and logo with their blessing.

Spock's Pure Energy (R.I.P.)

I share this in memory of the late, great, Leonard Nimoy, who died yesterday and whose culturally iconic character Spock's voice is featured in a quirky chorus to this track by the 80's band Information Society.

Golden Golden Gate

"Rawlio" posted this on Instagram this evening showing a unique sunset at the end of today over the Bay Area.

Sith Lord Bonds With Stormtroopers

I first encountered this a couple of nights ago and fell in love with it immediately. If one is not familiar with the Star Wars movie franchise the humor of this will be lost on them.

The Overturning of Ice

Despite the fact this happened in 2008 I only became aware of this incident tonight.... amazing and a bit ominous when everything else that is going on is taken into account.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Something Happened

Big things are happening... something big happened today... maybe two... an important step was taken... maybe two... the course of events is dramatically changing the landscape of my life... either or both are good... time will tell... afterwards I also stumbled and fell... but by the grace of God go I.