Sunday, February 7, 2016

Picture of the Day - Pile of Pussycats

This was the scene on my mother's front deck yesterday. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Picture of the Day - California Dreamin'

Today the Central Coast of California was warmed and stirred by mild Santa Ana Winds which were more intense further south and will intensify in the coming days with near-record temperatures possible as well as the threat of wildfires despite the recent rains from the current record-setting El Niño. Above is the quintessential California mid-wintertime image of a palm tree being stirred by Santa Ana Winds with a background of a clear deep-blue sky. The photo was taken this afternoon in Atascadero, CA.
Photo courtesy of Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Now I'm 294

Tonight I reached my highest weight ever.... 294 lbs. If I don't turn this thing around this year I will either die or I will acquire a chronic illness like diabetes. Fortunately although I look heavy I do not look nearly 300 lbs. However, that won't last if I hold onto this body fat much longer. I hate how my body feels and looks and how it moves. Change is coming one way or the other!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Cleverest Obit Ever

I spotted this on Facebook today and immediately loved it. This is by far the most clever obituary I have read thus far. If one does not possess a modicum of computer code knowledge then one might not get much of the humor contained therein. Photo credit unknown.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Why Go? I Know!

I have loved Faithless since I first heard their eclectic electronica hybrid of house and trance back in 2001. Here is one of their gems I discovered only in recent years from their first compilation album back in 2005. They had previously released this song as sung by Boy George in 1998, but this version is better with vocals by Estelle. The theme/plot of the accompanying music is also rather charming to go along with the catchy tune this song is.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Picture of the Day - I Look So Cheap

The manner in which I tithe is in keeping with the tradition of not letting the right hand know what the left hand doeth. I give anonymously.... most of the time. Occasionally, I forget myself and mindlessly include my name on a tithing envelope which then causes that gift to be officially attributed to me and goes into the tax records. Year-before-last I did this once and got back an Annual Giving Report with a single $20 gift. This past year I bettered that by one gift and tripled the previous dollar total. In reality, I gave much more than that both years but only a small fraction of what I gave was actually attributed to me. I wanted to remain entirely anonymous but instead I just appear cheap. Oh well. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Top 24 Most Pretentious Academic Words

I have encountered a number of words used in secondary sources which I have read in my various history classes at Cal Poly. Below is a list of words that are important to know and even quite useful when used appropriately. I even use some of them regularly. However, these same words are often employed in scholarly contexts to quite effective affectation. I repeat to clarify and reinforce: each of these is a wonderful word when used appropriately and please use them whenever reasonable possible. However, I do declare that each of these words has been employed in scholarly literature that I read that in context annoyed me on more than one occasion.
  1. agency ~ The capacity to make personal choices.
  2. deviant ~ Outside of norms. Non-normative.
  3. dialectic ~ Discourse involving people of differing perspectives with the goal of establishing the truth.
  4. epistemology ~ How do you know what you know?
  5. gendered ~ Of or pertaining or dominated by traditional gender norms.
  6. hegemony ~ Control by means of indirect control and implied threat.
  7. hermeneutics ~ The study of the interpretation of texts.
  8. historiography ~ What others have written about history.
  9. homosocial ~ non-sexual same-sex relationship.
  10. metropole ~  The imperial center as referenced in postcolonial studies. 
  11. normative ~ What is considered normal or has become normalized.  
  12. ontology ~ The study of the nature of being.
  13. other ~  A non-conforming group.
  14. patriarchy ~ A male-dominated social system.
  15. philology ~ The study of the written word.
  16. reification ~  Giving something physical form.
  17. semiotics ~ The study of meaning.
  18. space ~ In a Kantian sense of the word to suggest that space is subjective and artificial.
  19. subaltern ~ Those without a voice in the colonial period.
  20. tautology ~ Something perceived as truth by means of its being oft repeated.
  21. teleology ~ Explaining how/why something is the way it is. 
  22. typology ~ The classification of things.
  23. unfree ~ coercive or otherwise lacking complete personal agency 
  24. vernacular ~  The distinct language or dialect of a particular people.