Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bravo Castle Bravo

This afternoon during my prep as I searched Youtube for a video to show my students some archival footage of nuclear tests to impress upon them the true scale of nuclear weapons as we begin our Cold War unit, something my oral checks for prior knowledge from them earlier today have revealed most of them know dangerously little, brought me to this gem of an excerpt from the award-winning documentary "Trinity & Beyond" which I now share with you here replete with accompanying creepy-ominous sound score. The Castle Bravo above-ground nuclear weapon test on March 1, 1954, went terribly wrong as scientists miscalculated that Lithium-7 would be inert in the reaction when in fact it along with Lithium-6 were both quite reactive. The explosion was supposed to be 6 megatons strong, but actually turned out to be 15 megatons, 250% more powerful than expected. There was unexpected damage as well as unintentional injuries to local islanders and itinerant Japanese fishermen. The fireball started out at 4.2 miles in diameter and maxed out at 7 miles in diameter.

Picture of the Day - Distant Ominous Lowerings

I captured two images worth keeping while out on my walk early this evening. The first one is two posts back. This one shows some ominous clouds out to the east of Paso Robles in eastern San Luis Obispo County's "North County." Some of the cloud bases featured in this image in the distant background look suspiciously like they might be associated with funnel clouds.

Tank Duel in Cologne

I have encountered this 10-minute long rather remarkable short documentary titled "Battle for Cologne" before now. However, with my ongoing obsession with German tanks of World War Two thus far this year, I was roaming across Youtube this past weekend and encountered it once again. For reasons I cannot fathom, I have not previously shared this here. Tonight I am finally getting around to sharing it here. This is perhaps the most famous tank duel in history if for no other reason than it was filmed and photographed more than any other in history. It featured a German Panther tank versus two American M-4 Sherman tanks, of which it destroyed one of them in a single shot, killing three of five crew members and forcing the other tank to retreat. An American M-26 Pershing tank came to their aid and hit the German tank thrice, killing one of five crew members. The "Battle of Cologne" occurred on March 6, 1945, in a final stand for the Germans. The dead German gunner can be seen, legless, laying dead atop the turret of his tank as the second shot from the Pershing tank hit as he was exiting the turret a few seconds too late. Another, more detailed analysis using the same footage, but with the addition of some computer animations and more accurate analysis can be viewed below.
*NOTE: there is some graphic violence in this historic footage as the Sherman tank commander (who died a short time later) can be seen sans the lower part of one leg stumbling out of his tank and a dead German sans both his legs can be seen atop his tank as fire erupts out the hatch next to his remains.

Picture of the Day - Little Free Library

Early this evening while out walking my dog on the west side of downtown Paso Robles, I decided to walk up 8th Street to Olive Street for a change and encountered something I had never noticed before, to wit, a little free library. Certainly it was not here when last I walked this way which has been a very long time. I love the idea of these having heard of them but having not seen one before as best as I can recall. I plan to make a donation soon. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Monday, April 17, 2017

Canyon Fire Entrapment

I quite distinctly remember the Canyon Fire on the post of Vandenberg AFB last year for a number of reasons. These reasons include the fact it started and largely burned in Honda Canyon, the namesake of another fire there in 1977 which, driven by Santa Ana Winds, killed four people including the base commander and base fire chief. Read more about it HERE. I also remember last year's fire because it delayed the launch of  WorldView-4 earth observation satellite from the base's space launch complex. I also remember it for the fact it seemed to generate some of the most awesometacular pyrocumulus clouds seen on a wildfire on the Central Coast since the 1993 Marre Fire which also featured a firefighter entrapment incident sans casualties. There was even a memorable fire-related but not fire-caused fatality as Ventura County Fire Department engineer Ryan Osler was killed in the rollover of a VCFD water tender en route to the fire traveling on Highway 246 near Lompoc, CA. However, I only vaguely remember there was an entrapment situation on the Canyon Fire last year which caused some injuries but no deaths but was certainly a close call. Today I noticed a link to this on Twitter which appears to have been published a few weeks ago. This short video makes for a quite compelling post-incident analysis with some rather dramatic wildfire videography.

United Airlines Self-Defense Primer

In light of the recently recorded roughing up of a United Airlines passenger seated on a an airplane awaiting take-off who was then accosted by an airline guard who dragged him dazed down the aisle of the plane to make way for a United Airlines employee to take that hapless air traveler's seat and the ensuing brouhaha, this satirical piece really struck my funny bone.

I Really Choose To Be Free

Yesterday, the 2000 trance track "Be Free" by Trance Cowboys came to my mind fairly out of thin air. I only know of it because it is featured in Taucher's 2000 live concert recording Live @ Webster Hall New York City which I purchased only a few years after it was released. Upon thinking of this I realized I needed to listen to it again and I also realized it was a repetition (for emphasis) of the liberation them God has been communicating to me lately as it pertains to both myself and my best friend. I say "repetition" because recently I unexpectedly encountered another track titled "Be Free" which God used to communicate to me the same message which I shared HERE. The above version of "Be Free" starts at 19:11 and ends at about the 23:52 mark.
*NOTE: there is another trance track on this recording which I have shared before on this blog HERE which track I consider the theme (or one of the themes) musical scores to my life titled "Winter Love" which starts at about the 28-minute mark.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Picture of the Day - My 47th Birthday Cake

As it turned out, I had a birthday celebration after all, one day after my birthday. I was kind of surprised as I knew my church home group family knew it was my birthday but Easter is big this weekend and I figured it would overshadow it and I was and am not in a festive mood. But here is my birthday cake to prove it happened. Thanks church home group fam! Love you all bunches! Thanks Janet for creating this masterpiece for me! Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Loving Tigers

As I explained about a month and a half ago HERE, I have been oft-obsessed with Tiger tanks thus far in 2017, particularly the Tiger II design. Not mentioned in the aforementioned post, is my second-place obsession with the Tiger I (seen in the above meme in the bottom half), which although not quite as bad-assed as the Tiger II, actually looked very much more bad-assed IMHO. My younger-brother-by-another-mother, Blake, shared this meme with me yesterday. I love it and it still speaks to my oddball mind and its obsessions and wanderings.

It's My &#%!@?! Party (And I'll Cry If I Want To)

This week was my Easter Vacation and today was my birthday and both have sucked dogs' bollocks. Leslie Gore's 1963 hit "It's My Party" is my anthem today.

Birthday Dude

Today I turned 47 years old/young. My little brother by another mother composed this poem to celebrate this milestone. It contains allusions to various factoids of my life currently or generally:

While the birthday candles are glowing,
The rib eye kimbo is mowing,
Bloody and rare.
The limocello is homebrew,
And to star wars he is glued,
Because kimbo does what he wants,
For he is the birthday dude!

~ Russell Brittan

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Last Jedi Trailer #1

Looks promising.... this will be merely the first of two or three.

Graphic of the Day - The MOABing of ISIS

Yesterday, we dropped a Massive Ordnance Air Blast (GBU-43/B MOAB) on a cave complex in eastern Afghanistan inhabited by dozens of ISIS guerrillas. It is assumed they are all dead. I'm not sure this was a practical application of this device when the entire spectrum of cost vs. benefit is figured, but rather perhaps this is more of a publicity stunt, message sender, and bit of psychological warfare.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lynda's Song, Too

On September 6, 2013, I posted HERE that I considered Depeche Mode's 2005 hit "Precious" to be the theme song of my friend Erin's life. While that is still true to me, it is also now equally true to me that this is also the theme song to the life of my best friend Lynda as well. The song was written by band member Martin Gore (not the singer, but rather the guy at far left of the three band members reclining in the video). It refers to his children by ex-wife lingerie designer and model Suzanne Boisvert-Gore and the harm he fears has happened to them from the split. There are also a few references to what happened to the marriage which led to the divorce. It is a beautifully sad song and many parts of it are open to reinterpretation towards applying to other types of sad scenarios in life. Lynda and Erin have more in common that I ever conceived previous to today. Here are the lyrics:

Precious and fragile things
Need special handling
My God what have we done to you
We always tried to share
The tenderest of care
Now look what we have put you through

Things get damaged
Things get broken
I thought we'd manage
But words left unspoken
Left us so brittle
There was so little left to give

Angels with silver wings
Shouldn't know suffering
I wish I could take the pain for you
If God has a master plan
That only He understands
I hope it's your eyes He's seeing through

Things get damaged
Things get broken
I thought we'd manage
But words left unspoken
Left us so brittle
There was so little left to give

I pray you learn to trust
Have faith in both of us
And keep room in your hearts for two

Things get damaged
Things get broken
I thought we'd manage
But words left unspoken
Left us so brittle
There was so little left to give

Lyrics courtesy of AZLyrics.com

Graphic of the Day - Nation of Nations

According to Colin Woodward, author of "American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures in North America," America is simultaneously getting more diverse and more polarized because we are "self-sorting", consciously choose to live in communities which reflect our political and cultural values. I have personally witnessed this in my own life as people I know lament where they are living due to its politics and culture, not due to jobs or crime or climate or any of the more traditional reasons. There seems to be less and less e pluribus unum going around these days. Read an excellent review of the book HERE which is also my source for the information here. *NOTE: click on the map for a closer inspection.

Watch An Underwater Earthquake

I find this footage of an undersea M5.7 earthquake in the Philippines, captured in recent days by scuba-divers, to be nothing short of mesmerizing. Read more about this story HERE.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Auralphilic Aquaphobic

I recently changed my music selection in my car's cd changer, placing some older 2000s electronica stuff. An early surprise has been the 2005 compilation cd Perfect Remixes Vol. 3 featuring DJ Tiesto remixes. One of the surprises rediscoveries has been this fine specimen of late 1990s trance, to wit, "Aquaphonic" remixed by Tiesto and DJ Jim in 1998. This is a longer version than even the one featured in my cd but it is great stuff, probably best suited to listening to at night or while driving over distance. I recommend skipping the first 1:08 and get to the real heart of the track which has an atmospheric and moody and haunting quality to go with a good trance beat which alternatingly builds tension and breaks down with a drop or two. Note: the background image is by George Grie and entitled "Final Frontier Voyager" (2005) and is an example of Neosurrealism.

Meme of the Week - The Height of Masculinity

This week's Meme of the Week is actually a two-fer as two of them cover the same subject and this weeks' column is about the subject more than a particular meme. On a side-note, I fall within the ideal range. The frog, of course, is the inimitable Pepe the Frog


Today it was announced that Eddie Murphy's older brother Charlie Murphy has died. I was utterly unaware of him until he appeared on the Dave Chappelle Show skits "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories." Until today, I thought the stories were made up for the show to satirize all the Hollywood insider gossip "documentaries" or "exclusive" interview shows. As it turns out, although the sketches are somewhat satirical of the genre, Charlie Murphy is somewhat of a legendary raconteur and these are real stories he experienced that are being reenacted humorously in sketch comedy shorts. Otherwise, these stories are factually correct which makes them all the funnier to me now. R.I.P. CHARLIE MURPHY! Just imagine that being said by Dave Chappelle playing Rick James.

Charlie Murphy - Prince
from Neo Suki on Vimeo.

Graphic of the Day - Atmospheric Rivers on U.S. West Coast 2016-2017

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Never Enough of Never Enough

Despite being rather long, this is most definitely the best version of German house music producer Boris Dlugosch's 2001 track "Never Enough." I rediscovered it today while out driving while running errands listening to an old compilation double cd Party Time 2002 Continues Mix By DJ Escape. It is a sumptuous example of house music from the early 2000s house some rather hauntingly beautiful sections and some of the lyrics are really nice, too. Róisín_Murphy adds her strong yet beautifully inflected vocals to complete the package.

I'm Making A Covenant To See It In IMAX

Alien: Covenant IMAX Featurette
from Chris Picard on Vimeo.

I Choose To Be Free

Today on my way to visit Loved One who is currently not living free, and in some respects I'm not, either, I realized "Be Free" by Live Element was playing and then and there I rediscovered it 15 years after finding it in the early 2000s when it was released in 2001 and I first encountered it in the 2002 mix cd Party Time 2002 Continuous Mix by DJ Escape. Back then, I liked the repetitive house music sound. Today, I liked what it actually says which although limited in words, emphasis through repetition the idea of "Be Free..... In Your Life.... Be Free" and "Open your mind.... and Be Free." Although this song is secular, I find a very Christian message potentially contained therein as God has called us to be free through Him and to not be a slave to anything.

Scripture of the Day - Peter (IPet.5:7-9)

Today, as every day lately, I felt overwhelmed and powerless and stuck in an indecisive quagmire of the mind. Between struggling with EdTPA and with the latest struggles and failures of Loved One, I have been tempted to despair. Today while I was variously out driving while running errands or while walking my dog this evening, I found these passages of Scripture entering my mind unsolicited by me and each directly addressing what I was in that moment contemplating. Two of these passages have already been posted on this blog previously HERE and HERE. However, the third one is new to this column in this blog and I share it with you now:
"Cast all your worries upon Him, for He cares about you. Be sober-minded, be watchful; because your adversary the devil, as a prowling lion, roams about seeking whom he may devour. Resist him standing firm in your faith, being ever mindful that such struggles are being experienced by your brethren throughout the world."
~ I Peter 5:7-9 (Kimicus ad Absurdum translation)

Monday, April 10, 2017

My Top 10 Classic California TV Commercials

Periodically I find my mind wandering back to television commercials that I watched while growing up in Southern California in the 1970s and early 1980s. These are a sampling of my favorites, all of which were strictly regional companies and limited to the Los Angeles media market or California media markets.

The ahead-of-his-time Shadoe Stevens used to do local "Fred Rated" television ads for the Federated chain of home entertainment stores in Southern California long before there were Circuit City or Best Buy stores all over the place, having started way back in 1970 and dying in 1989 as technology and consumer trends changed faster than they could evolve.... the story of business success or failure.

Miller's Outpost created many ads over the years of my youth with this being just one. The company began in 1972, changed its name to Anchor Blue Clothing Company in the late 1990s and entered bankruptcy during the Great Recession in 2009 and ceased to exist in 2011.

"Go See Cal!" Who can forget these ads growing up and watching television in Southern California in the 1970s and 1980s? Cal Worthington's "Go See Cal" campaign actually ran from the 1960s to 1990s.

Round Table Pizza had a great advertising campaign featuring these guys throughout the 1980s.

"Me and Sparklett's Water making friends." I have never forgotten that highly effective ad jingle from Sparklett's Water Company which still exists but is owned by hated Nestle Corporation.

I grew up on Winchell's Donuts which started in Temple City, CA, where I lived for 5-1/2 years in the 1970s into 1980s. I still remember this particular commercial for the drill sergeant.

Adee Heating & Plumbing created a memorable advertising campaign which only reached the Los Angeles media market but I was there and I remember these like it was yesterday. Quite catchy!

The jingle at the end of Roto-Rooter television commercials was inexplicably catchy and effective lasting for decades.

Anybody living in the Los Angeles media market in the 1970s and 1980s cannot but remember the distinctive voice and delivery of Earl Schieb.

I grew up with angry Larry H. Parker ambulance chaser television commercials, most famously, the ones with the black guy who allegedly won $2.1 million from a motorcycle accident, Parker's claimed specialty. After laws changed keeping damage amounts secret, the commercials had to only hint at the dollar amount that by later times was legendary and even satirized on comedy shows and late night television monologues. All the earlier commercials from the 1970s and 1980s are only hosted by Larry H. Parker who has disabled embedding so I can't share any of those here. However, I was able to find this 1995 commercial that gives you the idea of what the earlier ones were like and does feature the motorcycle guy. Note: nobody seems to be able to find any legal record of Larry H. Parker winning this man such a judgement and thus speculation is that his story is a fabrication.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Picture of the Day - Palm Sunday 2017

This morning I attended the Palm Sunday service at my church.... Pastor Steve nailed a great sermon and I feel nourished and refocused. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Graphic of the Day - California Drought Declared Over

Yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown declared California's recent historically severe six-year drought to be officially over, but with some water conservation measures enacted during the drought wisely kept in place. The graphic above helps explain this executive decision. NOTE: click on image to enlarge.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why I Unsubbed From MoveOn.Org Tonight

Tonight I unsubscribed from MoveOn.org. I'm not a member of that particular narrow cultural-political sub-culture of touchy-feely Liberal activism. However, the mother of the girl I once thought I'd marry once invited me to sign a MoveOn.Org page about opposing California State Park's then-attempt to destroy a stand of eucalyptus trees in their quixotic quest to eliminate non-native flora in state parks. I signed the online petition as I have always opposed that idea even when it came up locally in San Simeon State Park back in the 2000s. Since then I kept myself signed up for MoveOn.Org's regular emails about other online petition in the spirit of "keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

However, the intellectual turning point for me was tonight when I was asked to sign my name to oppose the current President's decision today to punish Syria for launching a chemical attack against its own people by tonight firing 50 cruise missiles at a single Syrian Air Force Base, hitting all but one intended target and killing some Syrian military personnel. The mentally-retarded, spiritually dead, morally bankrupt milquetoast pantywaist Liberals behind this email announcing the petition drive had the temerity to write: "It's an illegal and unauthorized escalation that could have devastating consequences, killing innocent Syrians and costing the lives of U.S. service members." Of course, this neglects to acknowledge that Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama also employed "cruise missile diplomacy" during their tenures. President Obama pussied out of enforcing his own "line in the sand" stand against chemical weaspons being used in Syria by the government against its citizens a few years ago when he got out-foxed by Russian dictator V. Putin. Thus emboldened, Putin subsequently sent Russian air combat assets to Syria and thus blocked much additional U.S. action in many parts of Syria that might help protect more people from being gassed by the Assad regime in Syria. Don't get me wrong: I viscerally detest President Trump, even more so than former President Obama whom I also revile.

I'll be the first to admit Trump is an abject and utter liar and hypocrite to sanctimoniously and self-righteously talk during the election of taking care of America first and staying out of foreign entanglements only to launch about 50 cruise missiles at Syria over some atrocity there which does not effect Americans and which course of actions puts us on a collision course with Russian which possesses over 7,000 nuclear weapons. Trump has turned out to be either just as big a liar and hypocrite as any professional politician, only worse because he claimed to be something different, OR he has been telling the truth as he knows it but is so over his depth and so wishy-washy and impulsive that he literally just changed his mind entirely in regards to U.S. interests in Syria. Perhaps is daughter, who seems to be the conscience of the Trump Administration, was bothered by this latest atrocity in Syria and whispered in his ear to do something about it. Or perhaps Syrian President Assad and his gas attack are being used to distract the American people and rally support for Trump whose popularity with the American people is at a historic low for new Presidents in the modern era.

However, that being said, Trump did do something tonight that was beyond mere Liberal platitudes and righteous indignation and hand-wringing such as the aforementioned Progressive online petitioners would advocate. Rather, he did something which could possibly do nothing to fix anything or actually change everything. At least Trump's seemingly impulsive and reckless action, as an act of change relative to Obama-era policies, can reasonably be considered as a possible solution to the problem of the use of Syrian WMD's in their ongoing insurrection. The status quo has not worked. The Lib-tard opposition to this cruise missile strike on an air force base as if that was a huge risk of civilian casualties on a level comparable to the gas attack on the Syrian people today reinforces my view that many Liberals are either evil and/or stupid people and and that Liberalism in America is a mental illness for many such infected people.

Funniest Don Rickles Moment

This morning Don "Mr. Warmth" Rickles died at his home in Los Angeles at age 90. I have always thoroughly enjoyed his comedy shtick. Above is my favorite comedy scene involving him and as if that was not enough, Frank Sinatra and Johnny Carson appear in it. I'm struck by the fact these three man and Ed McMahon also featured in this segment are all gone now forever. I also enjoyed Don Rickles in the 1970 movie Kelly's Heroes in which he plays "Supply Sergeant  Crapgame". Note: the getting down on Rickles knees and reporting in mafiosa talk in this segment by Rickles is a comedic reference to allegations at the time that Sinatra was in cozy with various Italian mafia figures which was never confirmed.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Malibu April Fools Prank

Some smart aleck(s) installed this sign along PCH in Malibu sometime overnight for April Fools a few days ago. He/she/they get props not only for being so physically bold, but also for being so hilariously and irreverently creative and un-PC in the current cultural-political climate.
Image courtesy of KCBS-TV Los Angeles (all rights reserved).

Graphic of the Day - Stats For An Early Fire Season

All that rain in December through February which spurred tremendous growth of flashy fuels like grass, disappeared in March for much of the state, leading to an ongoing early drying out of such luxuriant growth. That means one thing: early onset of an active fire season in the lower elevations of the bottom half of the state. Just yesterday, via my scanner, I heard the first (for me) grass fire dispatch of 2017 when Fresno-Kings Unit of CAL FIRE responded to the Derrick Incident on the west side of Coalinga, CA, for a grass fire in the oil fields.... and so it begins. Already in the North County of San Luis Obispo County, the south aspects of many a grassy hill or mountainside have begun to turn brown and it is only early April.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Sun Sun Sun

Tonight per chance I rediscovered this progressive house gem which originally some time ago caught my attention enough that I bookmarked it. However, I then proceeded to forget about it until tonight when I noticed it amongst my many music bookmarks and on a lark clicked on it. Lithuanian electronica DJ/producers Kastis Torrau and Arnas D a.k.a. Arnas Dambrauskas remixed Caribou's quirky 2010 electro-pop track "Sun" transforming it into a track with a memorably awesome breakdown at the 1:32 mark. About 11 months ago I posted another progressive house gem from Kastis Torrau in collaboration with another DJ/producer HERE.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Handmaiden: Memoirs of a Geisha Meets Quentin Tarantino

Tonight I took a break from doing edTPA and tax stuff to watch this amazing movie The Handmaiden.... amazing on multiple levels. This is one of those movies one tends to find oneself thinking about in the days to follow..... somewhat haunting, but with a satisfying ending. It's definitely not for everyone as there is NC-17 level lesbian sex in an unlikely love story and a notably grim torture scene at the end. This is a Korean language film (with English subtitles).

Meme of the Week - Alex Jones Is A ?#@$&%! Christian

This is classic Alex Jones at his crass, vulgar, over-the-top, bombastically bloviating best/worst, juxtaposed with the contrastingly tranquil voice and sound of Enya. Enjoy!
*WARNING: Not safe for work!

Photo of the Day - By the Grace Of God

By the grace of God, this tree came down between two churches two blocks from my house (Plymouth Congregational Church (top) and St. James Episcopal Church (bottom) on Oak Street between 13th and 14th Streets here in downtown Paso Robles. It's also fortunate nobody was hurt when it crashed down, damaging some fencing adjacent to a structure on the Plymouth compound.

Photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

Lovely Lonely Lullaby II

Night-before-last I posted Russian trance producer Denis Kenzo's 2012 progressive trance gem "Lullaby Lonely" featuring the haunting vocals of Sveta B. a.k.a. Svetlana Pisareva HERE. That was the original version and was accompanied by some visually stirring video footage of our planet captured out of the various windows of the International Space Station. By chance I have subsequently stumbled upon an equally gorgeous extended version of the original track accompanied by footage of a nocturnal thunderstorm. Crank up your speakers on this super awesome chill-out track, click on the full-screen mode, and enjoy!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Meme of the Week - Me as Pepe

This is me on a Saturday night nowadays in "Rare Pepe" Swag Style.

Graphic of the Day - April Fools 1957

My First Encounter With Trump (Sorta)

Donald Trump endorsed the multi-level marketing telecommunications firm
“American Communications Network” just as the company was failing.

On this April Fool's Day, for some reason I am reminded of the time back in 2009 when I was being consumed by the Great Recession and my former world was in collapse. Somebody with whom I went to high school invited me over to a gathering to recruit new customers/sales reps for this product for this pyramid scheme, er, multi-level marketing scheme. I was desperate so I attended as I was not informed as to the nature of what the gathering was about aside from it being a business opportunity. The centerpiece of the night was an all-too smooth and enthusiastic endorsement video featuring Donald Trump extolling the virtues of this product and the company which markets it. My bullshit alarm was triggered and I never contacted the person again. Seven years later, millions of Americans got swindled by this master swindler selling an even more defective product: himself. Of course, this comes the day after Donald Trump who as Candidate Trump promised to fight lawsuits against his now-defunct and discredited Trump University swindle. Yesterday, he agreed to pay his victims $25 million which most agree was a bargain for the President.