Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Top 11 Favorite Foods Of My Childhood

It recently occurred to me how many amazing food items are now gone (either from the world or at least from my regular or reasonably convenient access to them) that once graced the halls of my youth. Below is my list of favorites in this category in no particular order of merit or preference. And, yes, there are 11 items in this top ten list. Perhaps some of these are on your short list, as well?
  • Orange Julius' Julius Original (with real raw eggs as God intended)
  • Carnation Breakfast Bars (the ones with the foil wrappers circa 2nd half of 1970's)
  • Winchell's Donuts (especially the one with white cake/icing & rainbow sprinkles)
  • Cherry Coke with real cherry juice extract as served at Connal's in Pasadena, CA.
  • Mom's Salmagundi recipe unlike anything one finds on the internet about salmagundis.
  • Grandpa McGee's backyard grill T-bone steaks from Jurgensen's Market in Pasadena, CA.
  • Potatoes Au Gratin from Twohey's in Alhambra, CA.
  • Grandma McGee's Fried Chicken
  • Bob's Big Boy Seasoning Salt (there had to be something illegally addicting in its ingredients). 
  • Friend of my family Candy's cream cheese pies.
  • Thrifty Ice Cream - Orange Sherbert was my favorite back then but now I'm into Coconut Pineapple. Yes, I previously stated only extinct or inaccessible to me items were on this list which is not true of Thrifty Ice Cream. However, this product was too precious to my childhood to not make the list. Furthermore, the current product by this name might not truly be the original product of my childhood since Rite Aid swallowed Thrifty-Payless after those two mergered in the 1990's.


  1. lol...sounds good. I liked orange sherbert from Howard Johnson's...that chain still exists but the restaurants are gone, from Houston at least. There was another restaurant I liked... LIttle Black Sambo's...the racial stereotyping escaped me back then but of course they are long gone. There was one place that always put a glass monkey on the edge of my glass. Not sure exactly if that was Sambo's ..maybe. Childhood...what a great place to be. Allison

  2. I make my salmagundi with tofu, tempeh, seitan, noodles, honey, sauerkraut, and fried chicken! And OKRAH.

  3. Allison,

    The original Sambos was in Santa Barbara at 216 West Cabrillo Blvd.... and it remains: