Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Atascadero's "Faces of Freedom" Veterans Memorial

This past Saturday, Atascadero dedicated its new "Faces of Freedom" Veteran's Memorial adjacent to and between Atascadero Lake Park and Morro Road/Highway 41 and at the corner of Portola Ave. and Morro Road.

Apparently, they put on quite a show which I missed due to my being at the Lancaster Show that day.

However,  today,I had the honor of visiting the new veteran's memorial on Veteran's Day which was meant more to me anyway and, besides, I don't relish being in large crowds and a large crowd it was at the dedication ceremony last Saturday. 

It was touching seeing uniformed soldiers there as well as talking to one Veteran who served starting out in the U.S. Army in the early 1980's and served all the way through to Iraq where he served two tours. 

I was also glad to see so many people randomly visiting the new site which is one of the few things this stupid town has done right during the entire time I've lived here (1982-2008). 

This new Atascadero Veteran's Memorial is a work of beauty that I'm proud my community created despite a surprising amount of opposition to it coming from some quarters which should come as no surprise given this is Atascadero. 

The artwork on the metal sculpture was incredible in its detail and quality and was created by nationally-recognized Atascadero resident Mark Greenaway

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