Sunday, March 14, 2010

Welcome To The Art of Ryan Adams

Way back in the days of yore (the mid-1980's) when I was attending Atascadero Junior High School I had the privilege of meeting a nice kid named Ryan Adams who was in my Class of 1985. We also attended high school together. I had seen nor heard hide nor hair of him since we graduated from Atascadero High School in 1989.

Recently, I had the privilege of reconnecting with him via Facebook and discovered that not only is he an artist but he is something much rarer than being an artist: he's a damned good one! Ryan is a wonderful painter whose chief influence is Vincent Van Gogh which is a good thing because Van Gogh was an amazing artist. In fact, Van Gogh is Ryan and mine favorite artist.

I am sharing with you below my favorite painting by him ("Good Morning in Atascadero"; 2010) which I also believe is his most recent work and I do so with his permission.

"Good Morning in Atascadero" (2010)

Ryan's paintings are currently showing at The Haven in Atascadero at 6155 El Camino Real near the Carlton Hotel and next door to The Spa Central Coast.

Ryan is starting an artist's co-op in Atascadero and seeks talented artists interested in displaying their work. For $50 plus a $50 deposit each member artist will have a spot to display their work.
To contact him just email him at


  1. Very impressionistic--a touch of Monet and a dash of Picasso. Very cool, indeed!

  2. He is good. I wanted to buy Founders' Fall.

  3. way to go ryan.Look at you now a yr later!!!!..LOVE IT..:) love you babe