Thursday, June 9, 2011

David Richter, Jr. Live at Vinoteca

Up and coming musician and singer David Richter, Jr. performed at Vinoteca in Paso Robles tonight and I had the honor of catching part of his performance. He is a rather remarkable musician and singer who is on the brink of much bigger things and you will undoubtedly be hearing about him in the future so consider this your first warning. Last year I had the privilege of catching the entirety of his performance as part of Sleepy Guitar Johnson's ensemble performance at this venue last year which really had the house rocking.

Dave is a guitarist who seems equally adept at both the acoustic and electric versions of the instrument. He also has a rather distinctive voice that is surprisingly flexible in its range. He has a talent for selecting songs that play to his strengths and that connect with his audience as was the case tonight when he unwittingly played the song that I consider to the be theme song to my life to date.

Dave is currently participating in a nationwide jazz tournament contest and has already won the first two of five rounds (in his local region) with the third coming up later this month in Phoenix, AZ. If he is able to keep up his winning ways he will almost certainly have a shot at getting picked up by a label. Stay tuned here for further updates!

Both photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)

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