Monday, November 28, 2011

My First Neurogasm

Last Thursday night on the drive back to the Central Coast from spending Thanksgiving with my grandmother in Fremont, CA, I took an after-dark pit-stop in Salinas, CA. Why? Because it was there, and to remind me of how lucky I am to live in Paso Robles, CA. Anywho, in addition to refueling my car and "draining my weasel" I found myself in need of a legal chemical pick-me-up. To my surprise I discovered a new-to-me (why-am-I-using-so-many-hyphens-tonight?) carbonated stimulus package that appeared to me would be more effective than President Obama's fiscal policies. That's right, I caught glimpse of my first Neurogasm and the very sight of it stimulated me into purchasing it. However, given my skepticism as a recovering shopaholic I also purchased my usual low-cal/low-carb Rockstar stimulus package knowing for certain it would work based upon past experience. That night I never got around to embibing my first stimulant soda packaged in a rocket (or is that phallic?) shaped bottle.

However, this night I finally experienced my first Neurogasm and feeling uber-exhibitionist as I did I captured the entire encounter on camera for the edification of all.

WARNING: Those with delicate sensitivities will be offended by the following images.

Image of a Neurogasm
Image of my having a Neurogasm
Image of me bathed in the afterglow of my Neurogasm

First two photos by Kim Patrick Noyes. Third photo by Mark Wiberg (all rights reserved)

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