Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ohne Dich by Rammstein (Schiller Remix)

I have loved the German industrial metal band Rammstein since I heard my first song by them which happened to be "Amerika" which despite it's anti-American cultural and commercial bent makes some valid and  rather insightful observations. Since that time I have listened to and enjoyed many of their songs. Below is the music video for their more power ballad-like song "Ohne Dich" (translated: "without you") which both song and music video are their crowning achievement both musically as well as in the elevated quality of the music video which is saying a lot considering that all their music videos are clever and intelligent. In the video you see the members of the band playing the parts of a group of rock climbers whom experience tragedy. Group frontman Till Lindemann plays the fallen comrade. The obvious theme of this song is loss and given the degree to which loss has cast a pervasive shadow over my own life this song and its video strongly resonate with me.

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