Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Open-Mic Night in SLO-Town

Tonight my childhood buddy (and also neighbor and landlord) Mark Wiberg sharpened his comedic teeth once again at an open-mic event here on the Central Coast. Note: he also does paid events on occasion, too.
This time it was at Creekside Brewing Company in Downtown San Luis Obispo, CA.
I tagged along in order to get out of my cage and also to show support for me bro. I'll admit I also wanted to practice using my new camera indoors at night sans flash which is not functioning on m camera.
This subterranean basement formerly housed the old Games People Play store back in the 1980's when I was playing Dungeons & Dragons and military board games.
Given it was a weekday night and Cal Poly Graduation was over there was not a lot going on in this join tonight. I suppose I shall be frequenting such dens of iniquity to save souls and save my sanity in the coming years while I am attending Cal Poly.
I didn't know anybody in the room aside from Mark who was off by himself hanging with his co-comics but unlike most people I know I'm perfectly comfortable being in a room full of strangers given most of my adult life I have spent feeling alone while in the presence of people.
This was not my first such adventure out into the nightlife of the Central Coast lately as I have been attending other such open-mic events. What I have observed is a mixed bag of very good and very bad humor and not much in the middle.
Here is Mark honing his craft and although I will be accused of being biased I have to say he was third best out of about ten or so comics I watched. All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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