Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Latest Jewels Of The Earth By Diana

This past weekend at the 54th Annual Cayucos Gem, Mineral, & Jewelry Show I had the privilege of renewing my acquaintance with Diana March and her awesome husband. She is my favorite wire-wrap artist and whose work is the only jewelry to grace my body which is saying quite a bit about her work given I am not a jewelry person. A year ago I shared her then inventory HERE. I am updating you all as to her latest creations which are very much on par with what she was doing a year ago. She is a great metal artist but the key to her art is in her own words on her website: ALWAYS HONOR THE STONE! Do enjoy the following images accounting for my shortcomings as a photographer and do be cool and acquire one of these pieces for yourself.

*Note: Be sure to check out Main Event and Rock Photography Set XIV.

Lapiz Lazuil
Columbian Amber
Megalodon tooth Florida.
Various metallic minerals such as botryoidal Hematite.
Ammolite from Canada.
Russian Pallasite
Petrified Wood from Madagascar
Amethyst stalactite slab from Artigas, Uruguay.
Boulder Opal from Oz.

Malachite from Katanga, Zaire.
Megalodon from Florida.
Sikote-Alin Meteorite from Russia.

I love the reddish Amethyst from Thunder Bay.
Precious Opal
Russian Pallasite slab.
Dioptase at left and Chrysoprase at right.
Fossilized Mastadon or Mammoth molar.
Garnet on Quartz.
Precious Opal
Ammolite Ammonite from Madagascar.
Sikote-Alin meteorite shrapnel from Russia.
Moldavite from Cech Republic.
Precious Opal

Agates including Crazy Lace at right.
Russian meteorite slab showing Widmanstatten Lines.
Malachite from Zaire
Precious Opal from Oz.
Africa-shaped pendent.

Labradorite from Madagascar
Amethyst stalactite slab from Artigas, Uruguay.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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