Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Actually, This Is My Favorite Trance Set

A month ago I posted "My Favorite Trance Set" which indeed is still in my top two favorite such but this one has since supplanted and is even playing on my computer as I compose this post. I suggest you crank up your speakers and listen to this preferably at night as God intended trance to be enjoyed. There are several tracks that give me goosebumps including a couple of doublelets. The first one starts with the original mix of ATB's "Midnight Sun" from 2010 which starts at 5:50 and the second part of that doublets starts at 11:14 and is Shato's original mix of "Wonderfooled". The second doublet starts with OceanLab's "If I Could Fly" at the 28:18 mark and second part of the second doublet starts at 33:53 with Trilucid's "Departures" (Yuri Kane remix). A good deal of the transitions in this set are incredibly good which so often is not the case with such sets. Enjoy!

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