Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gruesome Flight 17 Images From Today

Today was a tragic and disturbing day on many levels as a result of the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over the war zone that is Eastern Ukraine killing all 298 souls aboard. All evidence (and there is much circumstantial evidence even this early into the investigation) points rather damningly to the Russian separatists using a Russian-made mobile anti-aircraft missile battery either gifted from Mother Russia or captured from a feckless retreating Ukrainian military some months ago. Either way, this is Putin's Monster and he ultimately bares full "operational" responsibility as leader of his own military and instigator of the unrest resulting in his interference in internal Ukrainian politics for some time now not to mention invasion and occupation of Crimea. That combined with U.S. President Barack Obama's weakness and impotence in heretofore dealing with the Russians has encouraged Russian misbehavior which rarely needs much encouragement.

I found some of the initial images (before pixilation started corrupting them) to be rather pitiful and bleak and forlorn and lonely and melancholy not to mention stomach-turning. I could have gone to the gore websites on the internet which I'm sure have much more lurid stuff but chose not to due to the high spiritual and emotional price I'd have to pay seeing the other stuff on the margins of the webpages. Those websites are not healthy places to visit and healthy people don't visit them. At present I'm a healthy person and intend to remain so and continue to grow ever more so. Anywho, below is what I did see on conventional news sites and early Twitter postings.

Note: given the haphazard way in which many images initially swept the internet I was not able to determine attribution of these images unless it was already emblazoned on one of the margins of an image.

Update: my morbid curiosity got the better of me and I GOOGLED gore websites with footage of the plane crash so I could go directly to the images of the plane crash and avoid all the other crud and it worked. One website was enough and one thing I found there was a Russian Times video reel which is at bottom. WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC! (updated 7/30/14) 

Note right foot at wrong angle to leg... nearly detached.
Note bodies to the left and right of the Russian separatist firefighter.
Russian news footage of bodies of passengers.
I can confirm that is a carved up body at right in this image with part of the head missing.
One of the photographers surveying the crash site... perhaps this one captured one or more of the images above.
All photos copyright the photographer or their news agency (all rights reserved).

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