Monday, November 17, 2014

Cal Poly Plane Crash Report

I recently downloaded the official report on the Cal Poly football team plane crash of October 29, 1960, in Toledo, OH, which killed 16 members of the team and the team manager while injuring about as many more. I have been studying the accident for a small paper I recently wrote in one of my history classes at Cal Poly. I am now leaning towards making my senior project about some aspect of the crash. I recently got motivated to get my hands on a hard copy of the accident report both for my own research as well as to donate to the Kennedy Library Special Collections Department which has a great section devoted to the crash but lacks a copy of the official report on it. Today I had two copies of the report printed by the Cal Poly printing service in the library. I shall keep one copy for myself and donate the other to the aforementioned Special Collections department tomorrow. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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  1. I remember that. I was still in high school at the time it happened.