Friday, April 24, 2015

Kevin Climbs A Metal Beanstock

For some reason I absolutely LOVE this short video. With few exceptions, these butt-puckering acrophobes nightmare sorts of videos that are rather pervasive now online make me too uncomfortable to watch for very long. For those with agoraphobia, this video must be nearly equally uncomfortable. I used to severely suffer from both and would have freaked out seeing this. Quite fortunately that is not the case anymore although some tower-climbing videos (especially the Russian ones) make me uncomfortable to watch. For reasons I can't fully explain this video does not bother me one iota, but rather I find it strangely compelling and calming. Perhaps it is the wonderful musical score and/or the visual effect of the camera drone which gives the visual sensation of harmlessly floating which makes this so pleasant to my mind. Note: the climber is Kevin Schmidt.

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