Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Top 11 Favorite Calbuco Eruption Photos

I have been meaning to share this list of my favorite images of the recent spectacular eruption of Volcan Calbuco in Chile, for over a week. The eruption began on the late afternoon of Wednesday, April 22 and images here were captured on that day or overnight into April 23 and are shown here in the order they were taken. However, recent developments in my life have somewhat knocked the pins out from under me and I have been unmotivated to do quite a number of things including regularly blog so here goes... better late then never.

Not a photo but rather a screen capture of video by Walter Witt (courtesy of ABC News; all rights reserved) who was in the right place at the right time (up near the summit) to capture the initial plinian eruption cloud as it first broke the top of the summit of Volcan Calbuco.
This looks like a nuclear mushroom cloud. Image course of Jorge Zavala (all rights reserved).
Image by Marcelo Utreras (all rights reserved).
Post by unknown on Reddit (all rights reserved).
Photo by Cote Baeza (all rights reserved).
Photo by Sergio Candia for Reuters (all rights reserved).
Photo by Francisco Ramos Mejia (all rights reserved).
Photo by Alex Vidal Brecas - EPA (all rights reserved).
Photo courtesy David Cortes Serey - Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Martin Burnetti - Getty Images
This amazing image shows cumulative volcanic lightening eruptions within the plinian eruption ash cloud column of this eruption. Photo by Francisco Negroni (all rights reserved).

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