Sunday, June 21, 2015

55th Annual Cayucos Gem & Mineral Show

This weekend I participated in the 55th Annual Cayucos Gem, Mineral, & Jewelry Show at the Cayucos Vets Hall next to the Cayucos Pier. The show was a huge success again this year. In fact, it may have actually expanded in visitation and lucrativeness for the dealers relative to previous years. This was a result of a convergence of factors including my efforts in promoting the show (if I may say so without fear of coming across as tooting my own horn). As important was the hot weather inland driving folks from the Central Valley and inland valleys of the Central Coast to escape to Cayucos. It also helped that this year Cal Poly's graduation ceremony occurred the previous weekend and not the weekend of our show as is often the case. In any case, I had a great time helping out setting up the show (on Friday morning) and breaking it down (this evening) and with security throughout many hours of it both yesterday and today. My good friends Diana Enscoe and her awesome husband Max could not be with us this show which bummed me out and made for less eye candy to include in this blog post compared to usual.
The weather was perfect at the coast and made coming to our show here at the Cayucos Vets Hall seem attractive.
Anna Pense at the front welcome counter giving me the evil eye.
Don Pense looking at me with quiet desperation. Beyond him the show beckoned.
Esteemed club member Leslie Nelson in her booth.
Esteemed club member Beverly Brown (right) in her side room booth space.
Kirk Brock's Rock Solid Jade booth as viewed from the backside.
Esteemed club member and show chairman Mike Lyons in his Gem Cove booth.
Looking from one Richter booth into another Richter booth... a one-time convergence!
David "Shaft" Richter wearing a Cheshire Cat grin.
Esteemed club member Lynette Bayless helping out in Keith Olivas' booth.
Santos Sarabia's new brand label is rather catchy, even from across the room.
Great color in Richard Sittinger's Wonderwork booth.
Shaft with the reason for his aforementioned Cheshire Cat grin.
Jesse, Josie, & company did another wonderful barbeque performance at our show.
My friend Mike's Lyon's new display case looks awesome!
Jenn and Anja of Team Dave (Rocks & Relics) honored us with their presence this year. Nice to visit with old friends.
Garnet on Fluorite from China on display in Mike Shirey's booth.
Keith Olivas was selling this awesome smokey quartz point.
The material in the necklace at left was amazing... it contained an assortment of inclusions in quartz kind of like Super Seven. 
My dear old friends Crazy Gary From Tulare Gary Robertson and his lovely wife Janice.
It must have been the new display case: Mike's booth was rocking this weekend.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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