Sunday, May 29, 2011

Atascadero Fire Department Roster of Apparatus

As I was driving through Atascadero yesterday I drove past Atascadero Fire Department Fire Station #1 and noticed there was some sort of non-profit event and open house for the public which featured most of the apparatus of that department minus their hydraulic tower ladder housed over at Fire Station #2. I decided to briefly stop by and snap these photos.

Engine 7591 (formerly Engine #1)

Engine 7592 (formerly Engine #2)

Engine 7565

Engine 7573 (formely Brush 7 or Brush 9)

Also referred to as a DRT

OES Engine 275 (loaner from the State of California)

Atascadero State Hospital Fire Department Engine 7999

San Luis Ambulance Medic-31 (Medic-41 is stationed in Atascadero)

No kidding!


All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)


  1. Nicely outfitted station! Glad to see that they're getting lots of support from the neighborhood.

  2. The ambulance is most likely Medic 41 if this is Atascadero. 931 is the unit number doesn't mean it's medic 31. Highly unlikely you will find Medic 31 in atascadero.