Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Randon Musings of a Ramblin' Fool XXVII

I try to post a blog entry each and every day but of late my busy schedule (not lethargy or procrastination or writer's block) has diverted my time and energies elsewhere. Originally the 27ths installment of this column was to post a week ago but better late than never.

Finals Week

This is finals week at Cuesta College and today I took the last of my finals for this semester, to wit, my First Aid & CPR class final this afternoon upon which I believe I did okay enough to get an "A" in that class. Yesterday morning I took my History of California class final and last evening I took my Geohazards class final. I feel I aced both of them and I am fairly certain I got an "A" in my geology class and am fairly confident I got an "A" in my history class which would be the hardest "A" I have ever earned at any level of education. Dennis Judd is an amazing teacher of professorial fiber although he works at a community college. One must really work hard to succeed in his class as he has high expectations for his student's writing of essays and grasp of how a broad panoply of historical details in the aggregate creates a detailed picture of a time or place or person and places the subject in proper context. Context is everything and God is in the details. His multiple choice questions are often not as easy as one would expect for multiple choice questions. Mr. Judd is so amazing a teacher and I respect him so much that I'm presently tempted to change majors from Emergency Management towards teaching history... something my late father had planned on doing as a young man before military service during the Vietnam Conflict sent him in a different direction in life. For now my major will remain unchanged. I'm pondering upon the idea of attending Summer School which Cuesta College will have this year unlike last year.

On The Home Front

My home improvement and living space transformation process continues apace with some slow-down due to preparing for my finals and work in Atascadero last week. This rain we've been having may cause me to postpone installing a pond in my backyard and finishing the sanding and staining of my patio furniture until next week. However, in the meantime I have some indoor organizing and consolidating and clutter collating and culling projects to complete. Since my more productive period last week I've kept a trickle of items that need to go away from me actually leaving my life while bringing into my living space a modicum of items all which are either necessary or unnecessary but positively and inexpensively add to my healthy living environment. A perfect example is found in my today rewarding myself for finishing the semester and completing my finals by purchasing myself a nice but inexpensive wind chime in the mid-tonal rang. I did not previously have a medium-sized wind chime in my wind symphony while I already possess two large wind chimes and one small one. Last Saturday I purchased myself a glass reamer for making my own fresh-squeezed orange juice. Leaving me has been a trickle of pots and pans I don't need and never used that cluttered my kitchen and CD's and DVD's and VHS cassettes I don't desire anymore as well as a surplus Cold War-era East German police officer's overcoat that never fit me but that I kept cluttering my closet or foot locker with all these years. Many other such things I've been up to since last week.

My Old Digs Are Up For Sale

Yesterday while I was getting organic free-range eggs at Dunning Farms in my old neighborhood I drove by my old place at 10755 Colorado Road in Atascadero and noticed the place was empty. A For Sale sign was leaning against the fence inside the front yard. I have researched online and discovered the place is estimated to be worth $344,840 while it is being listed for sale at $425,000 which is way less than it used to be worth during the real estate boom when I moved into it in mid-February 2004. Given the acrimonious way in which I parted ways with the former owner I find this strangely satisfying for reasons that I can't currently sufficiently wrap my mind around.

Rapture This Saturday...

Cult deader Harold Camping's self-prophecy of the Rapture happening this Saturday, May 21, 2011, followed by the destruction of the world precisely five months to the day later on Friday, October 21, 2011, when a mega-quake of magical proportions follows the Sun around the Earth starting in New Zealand and ultimately destroys the planet. This is so outlandish one can't easily make this shit up... well, unless one is self-deluded raving lunatic with a messianic complex like Harold Camping.

...Or One Could Attend Gem Faire This Weekend!

If the Rapture doesn't pan out this Saturday you can come to the Gem Faire this coming Friday through Sunday at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara. If you are one of those people who hedges their bets and wants to be ready in case the Rapture does occur but wants to shop in case it doesn't happen then come to our show this Friday. And if it will make you feel any better I'll be there helping David Richter in Rocks & Relics booth. ;-)

What's Up With This Weather Anyway?

We get rain in May and/or June just about every year and some folks talk about how odd it is forgetting that it happened just last year. However, what California is currently experiencing is rather odd actually as the rain has been here for two days and will continue overnight into tomorrow morning. 2010-2011 has been the wettest La Nina period in California's recorded history although the current episode is ebbing. Even this current stormy period is not the first rain the Central Coast has received in the past week with at least one other episode of scattered rain last week as I shared on this blog in photographs.


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