Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Picture of the Day - Kevin Ivie

This afternoon Kevin Ivie, a fellow Atascadero High School Class of 1989er and one of my very best friends of my junior high through high school period of my childhood met up for lunch at Bistro Laurent in Paso Robles, CA. This was our first meeting since December 2009 when we reunited after not seeing each other since high school in June 1989, a 20-1/2 year gap. Kevin lives in the Austin, TX, area where he and his beautiful wife and his two lovely daughters make their home. We had a wonderful time reminiscing and talking geo-politics and current events. Between the two of us I believe we solved all the world's problems if only they listened. Seriously though, just to taunt his wife I wish to mention what Kevin enjoyed today on my treat, to wit, the Blue Crab Salad with Avocado and Lemon Oil.

On a sidenote I just wish to point out that Kevin is pretty much built just like he was back in high school just like Doug Nettleton and Kenny McNamara, which is totally unfair and all three of whom utterly disgust me. ;-)


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  1. Lookin good and healthy, of course I was referring to Kevin. I always knew Kevin would find his way in the world. Hey Kimmer, looks like we'll be out there sometime towards the end of August but don't know if we'll have enough time to hook up. We'll be flying in for the weekend for a wedding so time will be limited.