Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random Musings of a Ramblin' Fool XXXII

It's been a few days since a last posted here and a bit longer since I last posted a Random Musings column. I'm feeling a bit sleepy as midnight approaches but I feel compelled to get you all caught up as if anybody out there cared enough to read this but I amuse myself thus. I feel bad I have posted here so infrequently this month but I have been very busy being gainfully employed as well as enjoying some "staycations" house-sitting for friends. Next month I intend to get into a daily routine of blogging here starting tonight.

How 'Bout Dis Odd Weather?

Despite this being a "No-Nino" situation (ENSO Neutral Conditions) unlike last Summer when we found ourselves in a rapidly devolving El Nino into La Nina condition which led to unusually mild Summertime conditions we find ourselves currently experiencing a rather similar Summer weather pattern with consistently mild temperatures and lighter than usual fire activity across the state. Things are about to warm up for inland California but merely to more seasonable conditions from the ongoing below-average temperatures. California's 2011 Fire Season has thus far been mild not surprisingly but there is plenty of time left for that to heat up. The California Mid-State Fair ended tonight. The local joke around here is that it is always hot during the fair but for the second straight year the fair weather was fair weather.

K&K Earthwerks Store

I have started to revamp my Ebay store after being unable to get motivated to work on it since parting ways with my former business partner and now ex-girlfriend. As with this blog my Ebay store was a collaborative effort with her. In the aftermath of the breakup I found it difficult to be involved with either endeavor as they were in my heart and mind so inextricably linked to our relationship from which I was still recovering. Even after I was over it I did not yet feel the sense of sole ownership I do now. Last week I ended some items I no longer have or that I no longer wish to waste my time on Ebay selling now that I have some sales space in an art gallery in Atascadero that will open in August 2011. I will soon be adding many new minerals to my Ebay store as well as some old geology books and aerial photo survey series and even some rare computer items.

Cuesta College Fall Semester 2011

I have to make a confession. I have not yet signed up for classes at Cuesta College with classes starting in about two weeks. In other words, I need to get cracking. I talked to my history teacher Dennis Judd last week and he told me there are still plenty of availabilities in his classes which came as a welcome relief to me given that my top priority is getting into his U.S History class this coming semester along with a math and English course as well as a Spanish class. This all comes with a caveat: this plan is subject to change!

I'm a Gross Polluter! 

I have applied to have the state buy back my old truck (1994 Chevy S-10 pickup with over 400,000 miles) which is now officially a gross polluter. I stand to gain $1,500 if they approve my petition. I am currently awaiting word from above. If the money comes in it will immediately disappear into the hands of various entities awaiting a piece of my pie, ergo, The Gas Company, Verizon Wireless, A.T.&T., Mini-U-Storage, Cuesta College, Farmers Insurance, DMV, etc.

44th Annual OMS Gem Show a.k.a. Nipomo Rock Show

This coming Thursday I will be helping my friend Dave Richter of Rocks & Relics to set up his both for the Orcutt Mineral Society's 44th annual gem and mineral show known locally as "the Nipomo rock show". I will then help him dismantle his booth and load up his stock late on Sunday. I invite you all to visit the show to be held this coming Friday through Sunday at the St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Nipomo on South Thompson Avenue


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