Monday, March 19, 2012

Google Street View Car In Paso Today

On the way to classes at Cuesta College North County Campus in Paso Robles late this morning I encountered the Google Street View Car and followed it a short distance in order that I might capture these not-so-great images out of the front windshield of my car. My mother had seen this car in Atascadero recently so I knew it was in the area but had forgotten about it not expecting to see it myself. This is actually the second time in my life I have seen one of these cars but I can't recall where my first encounter occurred. 
Proceeding through the intersection of 15th Street and Pine Street.
Turning right at the intersection of Railroad Street and 13th Street.

Photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)


  1. Ha! That's cool. Never seen the car before. Good job. My dad's old body shop is just to the left of this pic! :)

  2. You do realize that when somebody goes to the 360 degree view of that spot, they'll look back and see a shot of you, in your car, taking a picture of the Google Car, don't you? You are part of the "Google Map" now.
    Thought you'd like to digest that little bit of paranoia.