Monday, October 7, 2013

Zalzala Jazeera

I don't care to go too far off into the weeds about the M7.7 strike-slip earthquake under Coastal Pakistan on September 24, 2013, which killed over 825 people. What I do wish to share here are some amazing images and one video (at bottom) relating to the quite fascinating phenomenon of an "earthquake island" or "Zalzala Jazeera" being created non-volcanically by the aforementioned seismic event. Something like this happened in the same area before as a result of an earthquake under that region in the middle part of the 20th Century. That island did not last long and in like manner this one is expected to not survive a year before being reclaimed by the Arabian Sea.

Aerial view of island showing local boats exploring its near-water and one boat hauled out on its shore. Photo by NASA (all rights reserved).
Another aerial view from directly above and at a higher altitude. Photo courtesy of AFP - Getty Images (all rights reserved)
Satellite image showing new island relative to the nearby coastline. Image courtesy of NASA (all rights reserved).
Another satellite image captured last April showing the same region before the island emerged. Image courtesy of NASA (all rights reserved).
Locals clambering all over the new island. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Stringer (all rights reserved).
More detailed image of the surface texture of the new island. Photo courtesy of Gwadar State Government (all rights reserved).

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