Monday, January 13, 2014

What REALLY Killed Off the Dinosaurs

Here is a rather humorous smartass alternative theory to what extincted the dinosaurs 65 million years ago from a retired scientist (and fellow member of an online geology forum) who goes by the online handle "Eman":
"I see it is again time to step up and correct some of the misconceptions as to dinosaur extinction --which are collective and manifold but the major cause has nothing to do with impacts but with orbital/Newtonian physics! Let me "s'plain"
We know owing to tidal friction which slowed the moon's rotation, the moon is slowing in orbit and to maintain orbit is continuously moving away from the earth. We know that the moon is much farther away today than in the past. Working back from where it is today, we know it was once incredibly close to Earth causing Lunar "months" to be scant hours if not minutes in duration.
In fact taking the calculations back a wee bit further, we see that the moon got incredibly close to the earth's surface!
And THAT is what killed off the dinosaurs---- the tall ones, anyway......" ;-)

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