Sunday, May 4, 2014

23rd Annual Rockhound Roundup Day Two

Today was the second and final day of the 23rd Annual Rockhound Roundup show at the Pioneer Park and Pioneer Museum in Paso Robles, CA, hosted by the Santa Lucia Rockhounds. The day went even smoother than the previous two days for which I am grateful as smooth as they went down.
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Below are some images I captured of the activities, sights, and people I encountered over the course of the day. 

Normally I would not want to see a three-dealer convergence as that would indicate a slow show. However, in this case it was early in the day on Sunday morning when not much typically happens at a show.
The Davidges were a welcome addition to our show and filled our opal hole.
This was our only open half-space which was fine with me as it gave us a little wiggle room in case somebody had been unhappy with their assigned half-booth space or had wanted to downsize from a whole-booth space.
This year we better dealt with our tree root problem thus making the show safer for our guests.
Tom and Lucy Demaris came all the way down from Junction City, CA, in Trinity County to sell in our show.
Manny & Dalia Hernandez were in my old spot this year and last. This was the location of my very first ever rock show booth space in September 2006.
My Uncle Fred of Naturals From The Earth.
The main drag of the show nearing the end of the day today as things quieted down.
The Central Coast Gold Prospectors gave a nice showing in their inaugural appearance in this show.
The usual suspects of club stalwarts manning their posts with the end-of-show drawing Sunday afternoon. Michael Judy (green shirt with dino mask) was the noobie to this endeavor taking my place from last year as barker and he did it nearly as well <joke> as he also did the final mixing of the cards.
As chaotic as this went towards the end it was smooth as silk; I did the phone calls for those winners not in attendance.
The Central Coast Gold Prospectors will be most welcome to rejoin us here in a year. Here they are breaking down their booth at the end of the show.
This is a melancholy and bittersweet scene: Manny & Dalia loading up for the last time in Paso Robles, CA.
Joe is the muscle for Naturals From The Earth and that was never more obvious than on this day at the end.
Going, going, gone.... the mirage of a show quickly disintegrates.
The gang meets for Chinese buffet after the show every year now which has turned into a pleasant little post-show bonding and celebratory club tradition. Here is but one of two tables we used, but this year there were fewer who joined in the fun for whatever reason(s).
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)

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