Thursday, May 1, 2014

23rd Annual Rockhound Roundup Pre-Set-Up Day

Today a small but critical contingent of the Santa Lucia Rockhounds arrived at the Pioneer Park and Pioneer Museum to chalk out the outline of the impending 23rd Annual Rockhound Roundup rock show in the park and establish a beachhead in the museum and that they did. A lot goes into a show that attendees and even many club members do not realize. Below is a partial visual account of that process.
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Kincy Scott (left) and Frank Imhoof (right) who is our Surveyor-In-Chief.
Cliff Brewen (left), Kincy Scott (center) and Frank Imhoof (right).
Frank Imhoof (left), Kincy Scott (center), and Cliff Brewen (right) working the chalker.
The survey crew hamming it just a tad with the addition of dealer chairman Dale Conrad (stripped shirt).
Club president Richard Smithen (left) joins the crew.
Richard Smithen giving me the stink-eye while marking out the hazard of the tree roots while sporting his sexy legs for the ladies in the park.
Finishing touches being added.
The orange hazard chalk on the roots is the handy-work of your's truly.
The back room of the museum now cleared for the installation of our club display cases.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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