Thursday, July 23, 2015

I Did Done Da David Crowder Concert

Earlier this evening I had the honor and privilege of being invited to attend the David Crowder concert at the California Mid-State Fair here in Paso Robles. It was hosted by Cantinas. I had not attended a fair concert since 1990 when I watched a free The Guess Who concert. During my youth I had come to hate the fair and avoided it my entire adult life until tonight. Well, to be honest I have been to it the past three years including last night, but that was for the Artist's Reception the night before it officially opens and that has been free to me. Tonight, I had to pay $10 to get in the door but the concert was free. The reason I went is because some of my church home group family members were going and one of them had an in with an employee of the fairgrounds to get bracelets that got us priority seating. Anywho, I loved the concert. The band was great both in presentation and stage presence as well as in substance of their music and the musicality of their music. I had never heard of David Crowder before given that I tend to shun Christian music. I do this for either or both of two reasons in most cases. One, the Christian music is often of inferior quality to the secular music and in some cases even tries to imitate it in style instead of the artists just being themselves they are trying too hard to be a Christian version of secular product. Two, the Christian artist comes across as trite and superficial and religiousy and there is a general lack of spiritual gravitas. None of these concerns were revealed in this David Crowder performance which I found both surprising and delightful. I highly recommend this artist and his wonderful band.

This was my first time in this particular concert stadium (southwest corner of fairgrounds).
David Crowder and his band employee an eclectic mix of instruments from conventional to quirky.
Their violinist is both highly skillful and rather comely-looking.
David Crowder is from Texas and sports a Duck Dynasty look but it precedes Duck Dynasty.
At this point David Crowder & Co. headed to the middle causeway of the stadium to perform in the crowd home-style.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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