Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Liked One Last Time

I'm not a big fan of the over-commercialized and artistically vapid bubble-gum pop EDM artists and their music in general and more particularly ones who were former Mickey Mouse Club or Nickelodeon stars. Most especially I'm not a big fan of Ariana Grande who it seems always was or has become a wretched, little, snotty, bratty, ingrate who recently got caught claiming she "hates Americans"... she being one herself.  I certainly won't be buying any of her music any time soon if not ever. However, last month during finals week I was in The Avenue on campus at Cal Poly eating lunch and on the large television attached to the interior of the dining hall the following music video played and I was transfixed as I realized what I was seeing thematically. Those of you who know me or have followed this blog know of my interests in disasters and end of the age topics. This track and music video certainly peaked my curiosity and I was startled to see something thus themed at such an unexpected place and time. I made a point of watching to the end to see the name of the song. I was startled to see I had been watching Ariana Grande (pre-anti-American comment scandal) whom I had heard about but was unfamiliar with her work. The criticism stands but the following track is kinda cool even if the song is not exceptional devoid of the context of the video.

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