Sunday, October 16, 2011

10th Annual Autumn Cayucos Gem & Mineral Show - Day Three

Today wrapped up the San Luis Obispo Gem & Mineral Club's 10th Annual Autumn Cayucos Gem & Mineral Show at the Cayucos Vet's Hall. Due to Diana March Enscoe showing up at the crack of dawn this morning after doing a one-day event in Pasadena, CA, yesterday I had to be at the venue before dawn to assist she and her husband Max get settled into their booth. Their booth space was Leslie Nelson's Raea Jewelry booth space yesterday. Leslie used it for just the day Saturday with the full knowledge she would have to move to a second spot at the end of the day which she did with help from our club members.

Shortly after arriving and taking care of that bit of show business I walked down to the end of the Cayucos Pier which is next door to the show venue. I did so in order that I might capture some images of the dawn twilight and tranquility. The following images were taken throughout the day in the order they are shown. The first part of this photo set was taken right at dawn this morning. The other outdoor photos were taken after the coastal stratus clouds burned off and the day perfectly demonstrated why October is the best month to come visit the Central Coast of California.

Morro Rock in the distance
Cayucos, CA
Cayucos at left and Morro Bay at right in the distance.
Cayucos, CA
The ocean was dreamily surreal... even the waves.
Cayucos Vet's Hall
Cayucos Antiques & Collectibles Street Fair
The quiet before the show storm.
Diana and Max at the Jewels of the Earth by Diana booth.
Leslie Nelson in her new digs
Sue always smiles.... even after she's been visited by a shoplifter.
Rocks & Relics booth primed and ready to go.
Kirk Brock's Rock Solid Jade booth awaiting the start of the second day.
Cayucos Vet's Hall
Cayucos Pier
The morning dawned into a brilliant day upon an empty beach.
Cayucos Vet's Hall
Cayucos Antiques & Collectibles Street Fair
Our sandwich board sign out in the street by the Antique Street Fair.
Jess' Morro Bay Farms BBQ & Catering always works our Santa Maria-style pit.
Dave Rockin' in his Relic's booth
All the jade guys in our show (Kirk Brock, Mike Lyons, and the Brothers Gowdy)
The Jewels of the Earth by Diana booth keeps looking better and better each year.
Ron "Ron-Ron" Steven's Libyan Desert Glass octopus carving
Mike Lyon's Jade Cove booth
Some of the Rocks & Relics bead treasure trove - those are beryls and spodumenes
One of Dave's quartz crystal points
The view outside the front door of the show today - that's Morro Rock at center.
Breakin' it down at the end.

All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)

Catch the Day One Action.

Catch the Day Two Action.

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