Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Join California Disasters Today!

"Central Theatre, on Market at 8th Street, in flames" courtesy of the SF public library historical photos collection

California is THE State of Disaster. Few if any other places on Earth combine such a dynamic brew of hazardous factors ranging from geology to climate to vegetation to population density to human lifestyle choices. All of these factors add up to a perpetual cycle of disaster of all sorts. The purpose of California Disasters Group is for notification and discussion of disasters in California that occurred in the past, are occurring in the present, and will occur in the future. The types of disasters we cover run the gamut from natural to man-made to environmental to other significant events such as civil unrest. We take a multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted approach to this and wish to be a nexus between different sorts of online groups representing different areas of interest or expertise who might not otherwise interact with each other. For that reason we encourage cross-promotion of groups here provided they serve the purpose of this group. We accomplish our group purpose through play-by-play accounts of incidents as they unfold or discussions of historical or ongoing disasters or future disaster hazards or posting of articles about such matters.  

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