Monday, October 31, 2011

Caveat Emptor Moldavite

I attended a wholesale show this past weekend and came across some fake Moldavite I am sharing this with you so you the reader can be a more informed consumer. The material was the centerpiece of four separate expensive pendants. I will not identify the dealer in question who I found selling this material so as to not upset the applecart of my friend who is in the show. However, just to spice this column up I offer two clues. If seller of the fake Moldavite were to know I outed him he'd try to throw me in the Black Hole of Calcutta and make me sari I did so. Update as of 12/03/11: two of the four have sold to to some simpletons.

The color is slightly grayer than the real thing and the etching is a bit less sharp than the real thing.
Notice the rather large diameter saw marks on the back of the "moldavite"?
Both photographs by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)


  1. Wow, clearly fake, and the back is really like...a piece of glass, almost plastic. Asian seller I guess?

  2. It is glass indeed, NOT plastic or any sort of resin. As for the ethnic extraction of the gentleman who was pimping this junk let me simply state that he was not "sari" he did it. ;-p

  3. moldavite IS glass...

    1. Obviously Moldavite is a glass as with any type of tektite and that fact is not what is being discussed here but rather what is true Moldavite versus counterfeit Moldavite.