Monday, January 21, 2013

Just Be

During the mid-2000's as I continued to emerge from the fog of my mental illness and my time fighting God's sovereignty in my life a series of songs came out or I encountered them at some point after they had already been released that meant a lot to me at the time for they spoke to me where I was at the time and I gained insights from them. Tiesto accounted for not a few of them including this gem below whose lyrics can be viewed simultaneously as equally rather trite and remarkably profound: such structural contradictions befit this strange stage of our existence. It is worth noting that this is great trance from the period the genre was in decline as a result of over-commercialization and society moving onto other things. Another thing worth noting about this song is its video features beautiful outdoor scenes from all over various regions of California. One final note: this song was my featured theme song on my Myspace profile page during the height of the Myspace craze in the mid-2000's. Okay, one last thing: the sumptuous voice one hears singing this track is none other than Kirsty Hawkshaw

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