Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scripture of the Day - Amos

I have long recognized the regrettable reality that the scripture below refers to the sad state of affairs in much (but not all of God's Church (in the global context) in this age. An earlier incarnation of myself spent the 1990's focusing on this and other truths about the wickedness of "them out there". This was done all the while I was stubbornly and proudly and hypocritically ignoring the sin in my own life. This error has since been rectified and my thoughts are soundly focused on keeping my own affairs squared away. However, that is not to say these truths about "them out there" that I once over-emphasized inside my own head are not still just as relevant and true now as ever. This morning in church my pastor took us to this passage as part of his sermon and I was reminded of its relevance.
"The days come", says the Lord God, "that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of food, nor a shortage of water, but of hearing the words of the Lord: and they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they journey all over in search of word from God, and shall not find it."  ~ Amos 8:11-12 (Kimicus ad Absurdum translation)

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