Monday, January 7, 2013

My Top 10 Rants This Monday Morning

It has been a little while since I did the first Top Ten Rant column here and my steam has cumulatively risen sufficiently for me to do a second one. Below is my latest list of flaming sticks up my ass in no particular order of size diameter of flaming stick.

  1. President Obama's reelection - Between the power of incumbency and a week challenger in Mitt Romney and his horrible selection of Paul Ryan as running mate and the Neo-Liberal newsmedia re-anointing the President plus all the folks who chronically reach out with their hands to receive free (to them) benefits from a government generous to hand them other people's money it seems Obama was destined for reelection.  
  2. Gun Control Libtardism - Neo-Liberals continue to harangue about the evils of guns shamelessly exploiting the recent tragedies at the school in Connecticut and the firefighter shooting in New York all the while doing their best to make avoid holding individuals responsible for their actions and address the real causes of these periodic mass shootings. 
  3. Fiscal Cliff Foolishness - Both sides of the political aisle made fools of themselves exposing how much Obama is not a leader and the Republicans have no leadership nor unity and what direction they have is in a self-defeating one.
  4. Benghazi Scandal - Where's the beef? I see no great outrages in what actually went down in this affair where it actually happened in Libya. Yes, security was lax relative to the danger level and requests for more security went unanswered but this is nothing new in this arena (think 1983 Beirut Embassy Bombing and Beirut Barracks Bombing under Reagan). And, of course, the President and his team back in Washinton, DC, shuffled around on their public story about it in over-compensating regarding over-imagined political blow-back over a non-story. Libya was and is a dangerous place and no matter how careful our people are in such situations it is inevitable that some of our people will die in such places. President Obama has been willing to throw Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  under the bus regarding this and the American people were dumb enough to reelect him. The United States people (particularly those who voted for Obama) now fully get what they deserve.  
  5. Continued Global Warming Denial - This is getting old! Intelligent and informed debate as to if it is really happening is not possible any more than it is for the suggestion that the Earth is flat. There can still be some intelligent and informed debate as to if this climate shift is partly or wholly a natural process and/or a man-generated one (anthropogenic). However, numerous lines of evidence are fairly straightforward in their implication that mankind is playing the majority role in this.
  6. San Luis Obispo County's plastic bag ban and paper bag tax - This is just more Latte Liberalism designed to make hand-ringing, guilt-ridden, do-gooder Democrats feel better about themselves at the expense of convenience and public health: those reusable bags they are heavily pushing get used time and again accruing bacteria and other unpleasantness unless one-uses plastic and paper bags. This dim-wits fail to grasp that plastic is a by-product of an industrial process (petroleum) and that paper bags are a by-product of the forest products industry. I am currently boycotting the bag ban and never use any bags to my own inconvenience but moral conscience. 
  7. Migrant Worker Negative Externality Effect - The wine industry and other types of agriculture here in San Luis Obispo County and elsewhere in California invite migrant workers (mostly from Mexico and Central America) to come work for them which means they become a part of the local community which is now bearing a financial burden that is not adequately paid for by the profits of the wine industry and other forms of agriculture who inflict that cost upon society while reaping disproportionately high benefits all the while those bearing the brunt of the cost do not adequately partake in that bounty.
  8. Cell Phones In Church - Yesterday morning in church at one point I simultaneously saw four people playing on their cell phones including one of the assistant pastors. WTF is wrong with people? It's church for Christ's sake so why can't these people leave their cell phones off for just two hours a week?
  9. Ambivalent and Uncommunicative Women - I have now had two consecutive girlfriends who who were both ambivalent and uncommunicative. I'm not asking for the world here or for my woman to be as effusive and passionate as I am, but surely exhibiting a pulse would be nice and so would more than one or two word text responses to entire texted sentences and even paragraphs from me.   
  10. Weak-Minded, Stubborn-Willed People - I have a number of people in my life at present whom are weak-minded in the extreme to the extent that were the shit to really hit the fan I would not allow these people to remain within my space. This would be out of concern these people would be a threat to my own survival given their unsatisfactory mental-emotional temperament when even little irrelevant things don't go their way. To make matters worse these same Pollyannas are simultaneously self-willed and stubborn. The more people I meet the more I like my dog and cat.

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  1. If the shit hits the fan, get your hiney down to Tennessee. I gotcher back. (Me speaking for the small arsenal compiled at my dad's house). I have no qualms whatsover of saying "NO" with a Smith & Wesson.