Friday, January 11, 2013

Rock Photography Set XII

This morning over the course of a couple of hours I captured this latest set of images from the Rocks & Relics booth at the first Santa Rosa Gem Faire of 2013. I hope there is enough that is different here from past installments of this particular column to pique your interest long enough to look through it all.

Rocks & Relics booth
Brazilian amethyst along with some Tampa Bay agatized coral, Indonesian petrified wood, and some Acheulean  tools.
Amethyst with cacoxinite inclusions from Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Large Shiva lingams from India.
Green aphophyllite from Maharashtra, India.
Carved fluorite hearts.
Botryoidal malachite from Katanga Province, Congo.
Moroccan selenite
Mix of quartz (irradiated and not) from Coleman Mine, Mt. Ida, Arkansas.
A large dogtooth calcite crystal as part of a cluster.
Lapiz lazuli from Afghanistan
Labradorite from Madagascar
Amethyst from Artigas, Uruguay
Ammonites with nacre, NOT ammolite.
Odd silicated concretions from Morocco.
Ocean jasper from Madagascar
Brazilian amethyst with cacoxinite inclusions.
Chrysocolla from Katanga Province, Congo
Moroccan onyx eggs
Mostly Indian zeolite minerals.
Mix of petrified wood from Indonesia and Madagascar as well as Brazilian agate slab and some Tampa Bay agatized coral.
Ruby in fuchsite from India.
Libyan desert glass
Acid-etched Mexican calcite
Moroccan selenite
Ocean jasper from Madagascar
Stilbite on druzy quartz on small chalcedony stalactites from Maharashtra, India
Acid-etched, iron oxide-stained calcite from Mexico.
Rubellite (pink tourmaline) in quartz from Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Cacoxinite inclusions in amethyst from Minas Gerais, Brazil
More quartz (irradiated and not) from Coleman Mine, Mt. Ida, Arkansas
Another Gem Faire Kim to go with the one in Salt Lake City, UT.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).


  1. roger.steinberg@btinternet.comJanuary 16, 2013 at 4:26 AM

    really enjoyed this and would like to print and take this to the Geology Department at the school I invigilate at please Kim

    Roger Steinberg

    Via the group web site

  2. Rock photography refers to premium variety of archival photographic prints of captured moments. Usually the prints of rock art photographs are produced in limited editions with unique intensity .

  3. Roger, I'm sorry for not getting back to you years ago, but if you get a notice of response to your request and read this please know you are belatedly welcome!