Monday, September 16, 2013

Burning Man Burning In My Heart

I sooo want to attend Burning Man next year after I've graduated from Cuesta College but before my university studies begin wherever that is be it Cal Poly or elsewhere or I take a year hiatus from school to reassess my options. Due to my ongoing poverty as a "starving student" and my school schedule which conflicts with it I have been unable to attend heretofore despite my recently growing interest in attending it .
I realize some folks will wonder why a Christian man such as myself would want to experience such a hedonistic and pagan event. My response is "why wouldn't a Christian wish to participate in such an event?" That is where I belong!


  1. Was it CS Lewis who coined the term "Christian hedonism"? Or said God is a hedonist.
    I don't think he had pagan festivals in mind but he was making a sorely needed point, that much of the pleasure-is-sinful asceticism is not from biblical Christianity but from other sources (ironically,from  pagan thinkers such as Platonists).

    Sounds like you're a natural bohemian, which is a good thing to be. The original Bohemians that gave a name to artistic outsider culture, were Christians,in Czechoslovokia, of course. Like Jon Hus. Their claim to fame was their bravery in resisting the wickedness and tyranny of Rome.

    I've been curious about doing BM, but normally during the fall, my thoughts are on a different yearly pilgrimage festival that sprang from a different ragtag band of outsiders who followed a prophet into a desert, long ago. Their desert wanderings featured not a pagan-style burning man, but a burning pillar of fire. Even after they reached the Promised Land Yahweh commanded them to commemorate their wanderings and tent-living,  symbolically, by keeping the Feast of Booths, or tabernacles or tents. He told them to eat, drink, and be merry during those eight days, but not for the purposes of glorifying the flesh -- it was to glorify the One who created it all, to celebrate life,and to rejoice with one another and give to one another. A man named Yahshuah added a whole new dimension to this festival for his followers: it was not only a look backward to Yahweh's salvation from Literal slavery; it was an allegory of salvation from the spiritual slavery of sin. It was a foreshadowing of a future Promised Land in which ALL captives are set free of all bondage, spiritual, physical or social.

    The stories i could tell about the good times and awesome worship and fellowship -- and generosity -- during the Feast of Tabernacles. I am sad that i wasn't able to travel anywhere to celebrate it this year.

    Of Live Active Culture  nonfame 

  2. "take a year hiatus from school to reassess my options". What are your options, really? Mall Cop? Dog walker? Due to my ongoing poverty as a "starving student" Starving student implies that an individual striving to educate oneself endeavoring to become gainfully employed, so as to not use that term as a crutch. As a 300 pound 40 something, one can hardly see that term applying to you.
    I liked this site when Krissa was still contributing prior to her finding out you were pleasuring yourself to internet porn while she was under your roof. Now it is just pathetic.

  3. Bobby Lutz, middle-aged gas company schlub who stalks younger former roommates on blogs years later? What sort of weirdo are you? At least I had a girlfriend! You creeped out Krissa, creeped out my mother, creeped out our landlady, creeped out everybody in our shared house and were a problem with other roommates. Do you have any redeeming qualities? By your definition of "starving student" I qualify as such! What are you doing to improve your wretched and wasted life? I've never been close to 300 pounds unlike you and I'm not a middle-aged loner weirdo who cyberstalks younger people and talks online about other people looking at internet porn years ago. This from the guy who keeps a Filipina whore's pubic hair taped in his navy cruise journal all these year's later! You are a real piece of work, Bobby!

  4. Dave, that was a great comment and thanks for sharing it. Feel free to add any more about this tradition of Christian hedonism. This is a new thing to me as far as being a discipline of sorts. If you ever decide to attend BM let me know... perhaps we'd team up to do it as I'd want a wing-man with whom I shared a common faith.