Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My 9/11 12th Anniversary Remembrance

This is most definitely a somber day of remembrance of 9/11 on its 12 anniversary. Unfortunately, many of our people have forgotten this event. Not intellectually forgotten mind you, but rather emotionally and philosophically the event has faded. To some degree this fading is inevitable and part of the collective and individual healing process. However, there is a point at which such fading and forgetfulness transcends healthy healing but is folly.

Too many of the remembrances I have seen over the years are rather trite and maudlin to my judgement. This morning I found and watched/listened to two very poignant and powerful two-part programs hosted on Youtube. The first one is a heart-wrenching and soul-crushing documentary about the telephone conversations that took place with those trapped in the Twin Towers above the impact floors. The second one is of raw fire department radio traffic that is quite compelling and devoid of the editing to which so much of what we have heard has been subjected. 


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