Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Post-Rock Neo-Viking Heart-tugging Chill-Inducement

I have only this week really discovered the music genre known as "post-rock" and to my surprise I have fallen hopelessly in love with it. I still love electronica, electronic dance music (ADM), and in particular progressive trance, but now there is a new love in the equation. My first foray into post-rock was finding some tracks by Explosions in the Sky and on a playlist featuring them I came across the gem below by Sigur Ros entitled "Giosli". I will not abuse you with my own analysis of this masterpiece. Suffice it to say it is brimming with wonderful imagery and metaphor and other types of aural and visual figurative language on multiple levels. On the whole this music/video paring makes my eyes moisten, my throat get a lump and my heart yearn for the feelings of youth that are lost to us upon becoming jaded adults in the modern era. There is something quite profound in God telling us to be child-like in many respects all the while maintaining maturity in the other areas where that is needful. I also wonder if as I age my musical tastes are gradually shifting and that innate thirst for and manifestation of my inner self most truly conveyed in atmospheric and moody music is taking me towards post-rock from the more rock-based pulses and rhythms of pop (good pop that is) and rock, ADM, and adult contemporary, amongst other sub-genres I love.

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