Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Very Best Tohoku Tsunami Video

In my humble opinion this is the very best 2011 Tohoku Tsunami video clip I have seen and for a variety of reasons. These reasons include the fact that we see in it a lot of devastation; about as much as any other of the best video clips I've seen. It also shows the tsunami from the beginning starting with the water being receded initially up the inland river in the middle of the city and then the initial wave and the escalation thereafter. This video clip also shows an urban conflagration in the hours following the tsunami as the sun sets on a horrible day in Japan and that evening gloaming adding a hellish visual component to the overall scene and experience. Unfortunately, the video does not provide any indication of what city we watch here being first battered and drowned and then burned with fire. Note: I only recently found this video despite periodically checking for raw video of this disaster that I have no seen before. This leads me to believe there is as of yet more footage shot of this event that remains to be released some of which will continue to turn up over time as this did.

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