Friday, September 26, 2014

Best Extended Attack Video Of King Fire

I have now reviewed all the currently available online videos of the early hours and extended attack phase of the King Fire in El Dorado County from Saturday, September 13, 2014, or two weeks ago tomorrow. Currently, this fire has consumed over 96,000 acres and 80 structures including 12 homes. It is currently winding down given favorable weather conditions over the past week or a little more. This video is the most effective of the batch I've viewed of capturing what it is like in the early hours of a major fire that is getting away. This phase is always the most interesting given the incident is not a controlled one with all evacuations that are needed having been completed and all necessary resources having arrived on the fire. Perhaps it is just my own imagination but in the midst of this sort of situation always without exception there seems to be a sort of subtle, but occasionally disquieting hush as both man and nature seem jointly shocked at what is unfolding. The hush is not entirely or always an aural one but partially a behavior and mental one as both man and beast cease their usual activities and respond to the dramatic change in their environment even if that is merely to watch and be on alert. This footage was shot along the Highway 50 corridor in the Pollock Pines area perhaps a couple of hours after the fire began nearby.

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