Friday, September 5, 2014

Silver Horse Friday Fete At Sunset

This evening I worked parking and security at Silver Horse Winery's monthly Friday Fete. I had worked this event before as well as one wedding here last year. However, this might have been my first time this year or at least in a long while this year. As charming and lovely as previous visits here had been tonight took the cake. The "magic hour" when the Central Coast light is nothing short of "magical" was especially impressive tonight. I felt especially inspired this time so I took more images here than I ever have before and what follows are my 13 best in the order in which I captured them.

This evening's featured singer was the most impressive Danielle Taylor who was stunningly awesometacular. My buddy Mike (who worked with me) and I were blown away by how good she was and she was the best female vocalist we have heard since we began working for Vino Vice. I have no doubt she will be signed by a major label at some point and become more well-known. She opens for Wilson Phillips quite soon and has opened for other such acts in the past.

This is the best moon image I have shot yet which is pretty pathetic but I'm getting better.
The satellite uplink dishes at Camp Roberts are visible in this image looking west.
That is Calandra Peak in the distance... which is in southern Monterey County.
The Santa Lucia Mountains of northern San Luis Obispo County and southern Monterey County are in the distance.
The "magic hour" in full bloom.
Silver Horse Winery is beautiful anyway, but especially during the "magic hour".
The twilight tonight was the best I have witnessed in quite some time around here.
I really like what this place has done for their outdoor lighting.
The wine bar/pizza oven kiosk.
The twilight peaked in its beauty at this point.
Danielle Taylor on stage at left with one of her typically four accompanying musicians.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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