Sunday, May 3, 2015

24th Annual Rockhound Roundup Display Cases

Here are the competitive display case offerings from the 24th Annual Rockhound Roundup Gem, Mineral, & Jewelry Show. To see more of the show go HERE.

Petrified wood was this year's theme along with volcanism which is often the geologic context in which it forms.
Arborvitae thuja from Oregon and about 31 million years old (Lower Oligocene).
The Santa Lucia Rockhound's very own Rock Mafia Dons (Harrington & Pierce) won again this year for best display case.
Santa Lucia Rockhound Bret Weathersbee's case was filled with my favorite collection of things this year.
Templeton biconoids and petrified whale verts.
More biconoids and colorful Franciscan Melange jasper and cherts from Weathersbee.
The creme of Weathersbee's crop: quartz geode in core of this petrified whale bone.
Santa Lucia Rockhound Aaron Miller's shark's tooth and marine mammal bone bed case.
Santa Lucia Rockhound Mary Caperone's petrified wood and jewelry case.
Aaron Miller's petrified wood log from Morocco.
Orcutt Mineral Society member and Santa Lucia Rockhound Wayne Mills' Rock Art - Natural Images case.
Santa Lucia Rockhound Barbara Bilyeu's volcanic stone case.
Heinz Dreier's petrified wood case.
Santa Lucia Rockhound Barbara Bilyeu's thunder egg display case.
Santa Lucia Junior Rockhound Eva Rodgriquez's borate mineral case.
Downey Delver Dale Harwood's Moroccan vanadinite case.
Petrified wood case
Santa Lucia Rockhounds Mike Judy & Denise Halapoff  (the Haludy's) stone tumbling case.
Santa Lucia Rockhound Lisa King's rockhounding and stone tumbling case.
Petrified wood case by Doug Moore.
Petrified wood case by Doug Moore.
Petrified wood case by Doug Moore.
Orcutt Mineral Society member Wes Lingerfelt's crystal and petrified wood case.
Orcutt Mineral Society member Jeannie Lingerfelt's wire wrap pendent case.
Orcutt Mineral Society members Sylvia and Don Nasholm's stone pendent case.
Santa Lucia Rockhound Ralph Lawless' napped stone point and blade case.
Santa Lucia Rockhound Cliff Brewen's sphere case.
Santa Lucia Rockhound Nick Sherwin's agate slab and stone sculpture case.
Orcutt Mineral Society member John Von Achen's fossil case.
Orcutt Mineral Society member John Von Achen's centerpiece specimen of petrified whale bone verts in sequence.
Petrified wood slab case.
Petrified wood slab case
Santa Lucia Rockhound Jim Mills petrified wood case.
Refugio Beach petrified wood specimens from Jim Mill's case.
Chuck Eastman's petrified wood slab case.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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