Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Setting Off a Pink Bomb

This track "Pink Bomb" by Indica a.ka. Space Buddha a.k.a. Eliad Grundland who was a great late 1990's pystrance trance which was the Golden Age for that subgenre. Crank your speakers and enjoy... fastforward to about the one minute mark or 1:10 mark. I first heard this track and was transfixed by it about 2001 when I heard it in Ministry of Sound's 2000 Trance Nation America compilation CD Disk One which was a seminal period in my life for my inner healing and my then-nascent love affair with trance music. Note: I am not excited about the intro to this for the first one minute and ten second so fastforward to 1:10 and listen with the speaker cranked up to full. The drops on this are pretty phenomenal.

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