Saturday, May 2, 2015

Kiler Canyon Farm Potluck 2015

This evening following a hectic day working at the rock show at the fairgrounds I joined my Kiler Canyon Farm family for their annual potluck. This was my first time participating and it was a welcome break from school, rock show responsibilities, and personal life tribulations of late... just what the doctor ordered! A fellow member of the Santa Lucia Rockhounds who are hosting the rock show is Ernie Perlich, father of Kaleen the Kilerian. What follows is my photo record of the event with the images presented in the order they were taken.

The perfect country kitchen scene... lots of food, wood, and people apparent!
I like photographer face-offs! Darwin Denny is at left.
Rachel Denny and her dad. Rachel is a member of the Santa Lucia Rockhounds and a friend of Kiler Canyon Farm.
Everybody seemed to know everybody.
Mr. Peacock would not be upstaged by the potluck.
It was a kid-friendly event, too!
Delta-wing wind chime!
The potluck's most peculiar person!
The bread baked in this oven during the wintertime is, killer.
Ice cream-making the way God intended!
Can you see the hummingbird?
Can you see the hummingbird now?
Homemade ice cream is hard work requiring shifts at the hand crank.
One last time: do you see the hummingbird now?
A crowd gathers for the legendary milking of the cow ceremony.
And the show begins....
That is called "sign re-purposing."
Quill's lack of fear of his cows is due to his not realizing their eyes glow when he is not watching.
In the background: Quill. In the foreground: quills.
Quill getting out the lube.... children avert your eyes!
Actually, children were front and center learning how to milk a cow!
Cameraman versus cameraman!
A toast to fresh, warm, un-pasteurized, un-homogenized, organic, cruelty-free (other than the Quill-loobing) milk.
More lessons from Quill.... I did not partake this time.
The cute, little, lower farmhouse... with the other one on a nearby ridge.
A photograph featuring quills without Quill. This one turned out kinda artsy-looking I think.
This crowd knew how to park right.
Second-story doorway to nowhere but fresh air.
I can't resist taking images featuring Ernie Perlich in them (at right). Ernie hates being photographed as you can see!
Scene of the funkay partay.
From whence my veggie basket originates...
Dan the Man and a somebody who looked at me like they knew me which was unnerving.
I was forced against my will to be photographed... and committed an act of subversion!
Some dude and Quill.
The camera loves Ernie Perlich.
This is one of the best images I have ever captured of Ernie Perlich, here with Dan the Man.
Like the food, the fun kept coming in waves.....
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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