Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Everything Is Gonna Get Better

On the way home from a sad and emotionally draining trip down to Santa Barbara earlier tonight I listened to some of my trance music CD's I used for music therapy a dozen years ago. In the course of doing that at some point while driving along Highway 154 in the dark I re-discovered this amazing track "Get Better" by KMC featuring Sandy on vocals from way back in 2003. Note: KMC is a trance/house project whose lineup includes DJ Benny Benassi. I undoubtedly heard this track back in the day when this music was contemporary, but it did not stand out from the other tracks on the album for me at that time. Being a different person in a different place in life now this track means more. Although single and thus not in a relationship to which the lyrics' relationship part can apply I just like the optimism in the "get better" lyrics. Perhaps someday I'll be in a relationship with somebody whom will think like this and talk to me like this. Below the music player are the wonderful lyrics to this track. Note: this makes for great nocturnal listening and be sure to crank up the speakers!

All my love is up to you
Got no reason to go through
Baby you know you make me blue
But I wanna get better
I don't mind if you say no
Darling let your spirit go
If you just try to watch our love
You know we're gonna get better
aaah, aaah get better
Everything is gonna get better

I'm waiting for you
I'm alone and I wonder
trying not to lose my mind
But it doesn't matter
Cuz my feeling is hungry
I just wanna see your eyes
So what can I do
If you say that you're gone now
I dont ever lose my time
If waste in each other
your words and letters
Things are gonna get better
Aaaah, aaah I just wanna get better

But you
Don't wanna too much
So I've been
Looking for another life
And now I feel better
Because you know I'm so stronger
So what's the use
Of your lies
in all these empty days and nights
Cuz it's over
And they're gonna get better
Aaah, aaah I just wanna get better
Aaah, aaah This love should last forever
Everything is gonna get better

Oooooh, my love's up to you
I send a kiss to you
Said I do love you
Said I, said I, said I love you, ohhh
The time of my life
Is gonna get better
The future for us
Is gonna get better
Cuz you turn me on
And I lose control
If we stay together
Yeah we're gonna get better
You know that my love
Is making you strong
And day by day
You will never be alone
Cuz I will be there
Be by your side
You know that
Everything is gonna get better

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