Saturday, October 1, 2016

Changing Background of Eclectic Arcania.

I am currently playing around with the look of my blog having just changed to a black background from a custom-made one. Exploration and experimentation with various options is ongoing and partially relies upon outside input. Over the course of months and years I have received occasional criticism that my blog page is hard to read for some due to the background and that it looked too "Myspace-ey".... as if that is a bad thing. What do you think?


  1. I did not like the old background, but black is not the best choice. Lighten it up some!

  2. As someone with low vision issues, I would find dark text on a light background (high contrast) much easier. The white on black on this sample is do-able but not great, and the blue font is almost impossible. Furthermore, dark backgrounds including black like this sample are frequently overpowering for some people especially if they are fearful. If it were me I'd want to be putting a psychological magnet out there, reducing fear and getting people to feel drawn into the content. In a web site --- as opposed to a posh restaurant where it might be "elegant" --- black to some represents negativity and death, maybe even the occult. If you want people to "be saved" by listening, learning etc., you first have to establish connection with them. If they won't stay and read because of the look, you'll have trouble building your traffic.

  3. You also made your page rather patriotic..