Friday, October 7, 2016

Death's Head Storm

I intended to post this sooner but got cramped for time this week. Long-time meteorologist Stu Ostro tweeted this image last Tuesday. It is an infrared satellite image of Hurricane Matthew as it slammed into Haiti earlier this week. That is strikes the eye as looking like a grimacing skull head is an odd and ominous coincidence and happenstance given that island nation's dark history and association with voodoo and zombies. Thus far the storm has killed nearly 900 people, most of which were citizens of Haiti. Note: for those unfamiliar with storm structure, satellite imagery, or geography, this image is a measure of heat as viewed from orbit and the eye of the skull is the eye of the storm and the eye is just coming ashore at the southwestern tip of the island of Haiti. The "teeth" of the skull are actually towering cumulunimbus storms poking up above the adjacent clouds.

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