Sunday, October 23, 2016

Long Time No See Grandpa McGee

This evening on Facebook, a friend of our family, Pastor Don Rhoads, who was a protege of my maternal grandfather, the late Dr. J. Vernon McGee, mentioned in response to my posting one of grandpa's Sunday Sermons from his time at the iconic Church of the Open Door in downtown Los Angeles sometime during the period 1949-1970, that there were video recordings of grandpa on Youtube. I never imagined there was any such thing on Youtube and never bothered to check. How foolish have I been?! Below are what I found with the topmost being the oldest (when he was youngest) and in descending order his newer stuff as he got older as near as I can visually determine his age relative to each video (I might have #1 and #2 switched wrong). Just looking at these briefly really makes me miss him a lot.

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