Monday, June 4, 2012

Day & Night Thunderstorms

Today we traveled from West Siloam Springs, OK, through Siloam Springs, AR, and up into the very southwestern tip of Missouri and then back across northern OK through the Osage Indian Reservation and angled down to Interstate-40 and stayed then dropped anchor in Amarillo, TX. Over the course of the day I shot the following images.

Severe thunderstorm west of Wichita, KS, as seen from Oklahoma looking north.
Cirrus outflow from a severe thunderstorm on the Texas Panhandle north of Amarillo, TX as seen from Oklahoma.

The Tower Conoco on Old Route 66 in Shamrock, TX.
The same place at night takes on an another dimension of presence.
A strong thurnderstorm with vivid lightning hit town at the same time we did in Amarillo, TX.

Note the cloud crawler lightning bolt behind the Stockman's sign.
Around the time the lightning died down some large rain drops began falling and I felt peaceful enough to finally sleep.
Quite fortunately this storm was not severe so I could relax and enjoy it.

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