Monday, June 25, 2012

Of Minerals & Mammaries

This hilarious music video is a comedy short by Rachel Bloom, the woman who has stolen my big, clumsy, fragile heart away from the inimitable Kate Beckinsale. In it she mentions actual minerals (yep, you read that right) not once, but TWICE all the while also mentioning french kissing in a go-cart and touching boobies. As a life-long fan of minerals AND boobies how can I not now have a big honking crush on this woman? Below are the lyrical highlights (some might say lowlights but those would have to be stick-in-the-mud types like Golda Meir).

"We'll lick tongues in a go-cart and you'll tell me fun facts about minerals."
"Wow, amethyst is a type of quartz? For that you can touch my boobies!"

Is it just me or does this video seem to suggest only dorks and geeks like minerals? Geesh! Apparently, we rockhound types still have a lot of work to do in hippifying our hobby (yes, I just invented a new word there!).

In other related news, the geologist in the new sci-fi thriller Prometheus is a complete idiot and one of the first to die in the movie as a result. We earth science people can't catch any breaks!

Oh, and YES, we males at and around the age of 12 (as with the boy in the video) do indeed ponder (and sometimes dream) rather frequently and longingly upon topics ranging from where babies come from to the wonders of boobies and girly parts to how hot particular teachers are and how we wouldn't mind getting involved with them and other such related matters. I can also testify to the fact that by age 42 nothing in regards to any of this has changed one iota!

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