Monday, June 4, 2012

Siloam Springs Night & Day

After effectively completely what was came to the Midwest to do, to wit, do the Tulsa Gem Faire, my friend Dave decided to generously drive out east an hour and a half and let me visit the university (John Brown University) that has been at the top of my short list of schools I wished to transfer to after I'm done getting general education out of the way at Cuesta College. This also allowed me to get a feel for the community (Siloam Springs, AR) in which I'd be living if I attended there. While on-campus I talked to a couple of people and picked up some paperwork. What follows is my report.

I didn't know this!
This signage is on US Route 412 within a stone's throw from the Arkansas-Oklahoma border just inside Oklahoma.
Being so close to Siloam Springs, AR, this seems a rude intrusion into that little town's traditional culture and Smithsonian Institute designation.
Then again, on second thought, the Cherokee had their parade rather rudely rained upon.
We had dinner inside to the right and found the casino a rather soul-crushing place for visitor and employee alike.
The main highway has become the main drag so don't buy into that Main Street designation nonsense as the old town is an afterthought now.
The old town part of Siloam Springs is still cute if rather forgotten. This is the view looking south on Broadway Street.
This is the view looking west on University Street at the intersection with Broadway Street.
Siloam Springs Municipal Park has been greatly renovated and looks great; perhaps even better than when I was last at the park in the Summer of 1986.
Looking north on Broadway Street from the intersection with East Main Street.
John Brown University has a presence in the old downtown area of Siloam Springs, AR.
Cathedral of the Ozarks
Cathedral of the Ozarks north entrance.
In the hallway inside the Cathedral of the Ozarks above the door into the sanctuary Martin Luther's "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" in its original tongue.
Walker Student Center
Walton Lifetime Health Complex
View across the quad.
Kresge Dining Hall (Kresge as in K-Mart)
Mabee University Center
Soderquist Business Center
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).


  1. I can't thank you enough for posting these photos, especially the ones around the old downtown. It has not changed much since the late 60s. I was in school with your mom. I hope you do choose is a great place.

  2. Krista Bihl KnapilJune 9, 2012 at 10:17 AM

    I have to thank you as well! I love my Siloam Springs and JBU and the photos make me miss is even more. My sister was your moms roommate at JBU, so please tell her hello and love from my sister, mom Bettie, and from me, Krista.

  3. Main Street Siloam Springs has worked very hard for the State designation. It may appear that the Hwy. 412 is the main drag, but the downtown has recently become a hotspot of activity compared to 10 years ago, just something to keep in mind. Thanks for posting your views of Siloam Springs, it's a great place to live.